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Weight related personality disorders

It doesn't need a lot of discussion, debate or deliberation to determine if weight related factors have their impact on an individual's personality and behavior. The true issue however is to relate it with set of personality disorders instead of simply limiting it with few considerations of issues of routine discipline. There are conditions like obesity and weight related diabetes, definitely not to be considered as certain considerations to be careful about, they are indeed serious healthcare issues posing challenges to long term health and even behavior. Since there are serious issues to consider in terms of physical and emotional health pertaining to excessive weight, therapy options like Bariatric Surgery are finding relevance with time. While gastric banding procedures are meant to strategically impose weight loss, procedures like tummy tuck are aimed at providing the desired impression without the patients having to wait for long time.

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Though both tummy tuck and bariatric surgery are associated with cosmetic therapies and solutions, the later mentioned procedure is viewed as an artificial process while the earlier one has the impression of a mainframe surgical solution. Nevertheless, it is always a matter of perception and people from urban India living in cities of Bangalore and Mumbai may have better understanding about how various weightloss treatment procedures work, it's of course all thanks to the awareness campaigns organized by the premium cosmetic players in the industry. Since the purpose was awareness which is different from promoting the services and various solutions offered by these cosmetic centers, the scope of awareness from learning and understanding perspectives could be maximized.

How plausible is it to achieve weight loss?

This is a very genuine question as the concerns pertaining to the treatments are often not to figure out if the outcome would be as expected but to be assured that it's all safe. Weightloss surgery would mean there would be physical alterations made in the patient's body; there is no surprise in this as surgery as a concept is self explanatory. But the concern would be if the changes made are going to be permanent or if there is any scope to reverse them in the future. When it comes to tummy tuck, the changes are permanent and it is mostly done by removal of the fat by laser or ultrasound techniques. In case of gastric alterations that are done for the sake of Bariatric procedure, there are several dependencies. It depends on the nature of gastric band and the area of influence around the stomach that is impacting the treatment outcome. Irrespective of the dependencies, it is for sure that this procedure is not completely irreversible. The effect of this treatment also lasts for several months; it could be between eighteen and twenty months. After which certain changes would be recommended based on the physician's assessment.

Most of the treatment procedures are classified as safe with statutory precautions. The side effects are thoroughly understood by the cosmetic medical fraternity and therefore they can be managed pretty well.

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