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The thyroid levels working properly and regulated is the key to losing weight. It is like the gas for a car, can't drive without it. Your thyroid is no different when it comes to losing weight. You'll find losing weight almost impossible if your levels are too low. The hormone of the thyroid regulates your whole organ function so without it functioning properly your whole system slows down, this is why if you have affected levels you may find yourself very tired and falling asleep all the time as well as a slower digestion. This will affect your ability to be more active causing rapid weight gain on top of the food that is not being metabolized properly giving you more problems with losing weight. A lot of people have an underactive thyroid disease and it's very important that you watch out for certain signs. To help prevent this from occurring or worsening, to get it better you should eat certain foods and also watch out for the ones that trigger thyroid levels to be disrupted.

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Having your thyroid levels disrupted are usually caused by the foods you eat. If you want to rehabilitate your levels you should eliminate the foods that are over working them. Certain foods like soy/flaxseed oil which acts like estrogen causing the thyroid to over work leading to disruption and affecting your ability to lose weight properly. Believe it or not alcohol and caffeine is another one you want to cut out because it will elevate your stress hormones and contribute to hormonal imbalance and be another problem to add to your thyroid not functioning.

Foods you should eat to help contribute to a healthier thyroid function is broccoli, kale and spinach to help boost glutathione levels which will actually restore the function. Brazilian nuts are also an excellent source of selenium which help decrease the antibodies of the thyroid helping lower your levels and getting them right where they need to be so you can lose weight a lot easier and faster.

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