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When it comes to obesity, there are several impacts which can be owned. People with the excess weight will have the higher risks in getting the diseases compared to the normal people. Besides that, in several countries, being obese belongs to taboo. It is uncommon if you have the excess weight. From the perspective of medical aspects, people with the excess weight are on the higher risks of dangerous diseases, such as: cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. People categorized as obese are those who have a body mass index or BMI 30 or more. The index is a ratio between height and weight. Nevertheless, this type of index has the limitations, such as: sex, age, muscles mass and ethnicity does find any significance in it.

Treatments of Obesity

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When it comes to the treatment for obesity, there are several methods which can be conducted such as- changing lifestyle, medical fat loss and weight reduction surgery. However, changing your lifestyle, including doing regular exercises and controlling the food intake should be the first priority rather than directly going for medicinal option or weight reduction surgery. Changing your lifestyle belongs to the conventional methods of obesity treatment which is much more time consuming and requires much more dedication.

This treatment costs you your favorite food, beverages along with the exercises that you must do regularly. In the terms of healthy foods, you can choose the foods which are rich in healthy nutrients, such as: vitamins, proteins, zinc, and the others. Some of the foods which can be consumed are veggies, nuts, fruits and the others. In the terms of exercises, you can take the regular exercise in order to build up and keep your metabolism, endurance, and strength. The combination between the healthy foods and healthy exercise is efficient to reduce your fat.

If changing lifestyle does not work out successfully, several people switch to medicinal weigh loss, in which certain diet supplements literally substitute your routine food. Its effectiveness is still a topic of debate and moreover, not every time things go as per plan. Before taking these medications, you need to consider the effect and the risks regarding the supplements. The medication has a function to suppress your appetite in eating and of course, the side effects of these medications are also possible.

The latest option which can be chosen if you want to reduce the weight is weight reduction surgery. This weight reduction surgery is also called with the bariatric surgery. This type of surgery works by limiting the food intake in your stomach. It means that the potential of getting obese is less because the size of the stomach is also smaller. However, you have to realize that a surgical approach is not a wonder, you must stick to the doctor's guidelines in terms of diet and exercise for it to be and remain effective in a long run. Just like any other procedure, undergoing the surgery has its side effects as well.

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