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Be Proactive:

There's more to losing weight than running to the gym or dieting. Start from where you are currently; make sure you have a positive outlook on life. Being positive may just make you more hopeful and confident whereas if your mind is infested with negativity and you spend months in the gym you won't feel the change. Optimism is key, it can affect in multitudes.

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Stress creates mess:

It is true that life is tough and unbearable as much as it is unicorns and rainbows. For the times it's not going your way most people reside to stress taking which results in their health deteriorating. Stress is one of the most common causes of weight gain. It is only a matter of sensibility, you stress upon something that you lost. It'sgone; deal with it there's no reason to be crying over spilled milk. Clean it up and get going.

Shake it up a bit:

Over the weekend go through your playlist and play the most dance upbeat song you find. Lock the doors and start moving. Also maybe find a friend who would like to samba with you making it an even more enjoyable experience. Not only will you feel alive but would be want to do it again, doing this fun bit of exercise every day or every weekend may lose more weight than you realize.

Water solves everything:

The sugar in the carbonated unhealthy drink that you're drinking maybe the reason you're gaining so much weight. Sacrifice this beverage and its temptations for a cheaper experience with no sugar and something that is just a turn of the tap away. Yes you guessed it, I'm talking about H2O! Numerous benefits of this crystal liquid that may leave you fresh unlike the fizzy drinks you consume. Happy drinking!

Never compare, you're different:

Most of the times when you make up your mind to lose weight often seeing others make you a target of complexity. Always remember that God has created everyone differently and that you are beautiful in your own flawed way. A fitness diet may not have the same effect on you as it has on your friend but that does not mean for you to give up. Never give up, never lose hope and keep going.

Not all weight loses are obtained through vigorous exercises and daily visits to the local gym most are acquired within the vicinity of your home with a little less oil and a positive approach!

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