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Weight Loss Plateau

Stop chasing fad diets and use good eating habits to lose weight. Habits last a lifetime and can ensure the possibility of being able to maintain weight loss for a lifetime.

Will it be difficult to make new habits to transform your body? Good habits are hard to start, but it is not impossible.

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You know how when you were a kid and you had an annoying habit that drove everyone nuts. Okay, maybe it wasn't you, it was your brother, but still, it was annoying right? Everyone wanted the habit to go away and eventually you did too because of peer pressure. It probably wasn't easy to do, but do you (or your brother) still have that annoying habit today? Not likely. It is scary to try new things and change your current routine.

But, to see weight loss results, change needs to happen. Creating good eating habits to lose weight is the perfect way to continue on the healthy and fit path. Focusing on habits is the best way to experience weight loss success. Habits make us who we are. Choosing healthy food is choosing a fit, energetic, and skinny lifestyle.

When I was injured and couldn't work out for a while, I had to rely on eating right to stay trim. It was difficult but, I was focused. I stayed consistent and developed healthy habits. The results were that I was able to lose weight faster than ever and more weight than I have lost in years. I was even able to lose those last vanity pounds and flatten my belly. Even after 5 kids with the last ones being twins!

4 Good Eating Habits Lose To Weight

  1. Only in the morning. A great eating habit to start right away is to only eat fruit in the morning. Fruit is digested quickly giving you energy and burning calories.
  2. Only three times a week. Try to cut out carbs at least 3 days a week. For 3 days a week, only eat fruit, veggies, and lean proteins.
  3. Only on the weekends. Save dessert and your favorite meals for the weekends. Focus on healthy choices during the workweek so you can reward yourself on Saturday and Sunday.
  4. Only pure. Only drink beverages that are good for you. Water, lemon water, fresh smoothies, and 100% juice drinks. Stay away from soda, energy drinks, etc.

Good eating habits are not only for the super fit. They are for the average person as well. You can make these changes and make difference in your life.

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