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With so much awareness being spread on weight loss everyday, technology has known no bounds. Calorie counters are one of its most recent children. In this article, I have attempted an analysis of the factual usefulness of these counters of calorie. Can the usage of calorie counters be considered a successful weight loss tip?

Online calorie counters require a lot of manual labor. First of all, you've to rummage through every available counter to identify the one that works the best. Because there is always going to remain a variance in results of different calculators.

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Post that, you've to remember accurately your personal details like height and weight. And that too, in the required measuring units. The results you receive are multifold. You will see enormous figures on your screen telling you how much calorie intake you require on a daily basis.

These figures further vary in correspondence with their targets. For instance, there are different parameters like if you want to lose 1 lb per week, or 2 lbs per week, or gain 1 lb per week, or lose 2 lbs per week, etc.

Such multiplicity sounds confusing just by the look of it. Further, you will be presented with a list of calories contained in every food item. You will find an elongated list ranging from the healthiest to the junkiest food.

But where is the time for so much labor? The kind of fast-paced lifestyle that you lead leaves you with hardly any time to attend to yourself. So from where will you be able to pull out time to feed all the data, check all the figures, understand their segregation, and most importantly, manage all the calorie that you feed yourself?

Honestly, where will so much accuracy lead you to? Will the 5.010101 lb you lose today save you from a disease by 5.010101%? Well, the chances are less! Now, let's explore a second option.

You bring in yourself little lifestyle changes. Remain active, exercise, eat healthy, drink more water, eat on time. These minute changes in your daily lifestyle make a huge difference. They are the best and the easiest tools for weight management.

Synergistically, each of these lifestyle factors bring about a great influence on body weight. A healthy lifestyle makes fat loss much easier. So, share with us your opinions –

How useful are calorie counters really???

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