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Losing weight is not often easy and some people struggle more than most. Many people who are now classed as obese began with a minor excess fat problem, and have gradually ballooned over the following years. There can be several reasons why some people suffer from excessive weight gain even after trying to diet, but one reason could be the very diet for weightloss that was intended to help them slim down. Dieting is a complex process, and the body doesn't always help the dieter in their struggles to lose weight.

Why you can't lose weight

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If you have tried repeatedly to lose weight without success, then you need to look at the way in which your body is reacting to your chosen diet. The body is not designed to go on a diet, and in some cases, it may panic, thinking it's being starved. This response is more likely to be triggered by extreme weight-loss diets, which have become increasingly popular with people who are overweight. Rather than respond to the diet by burning fat, as expected, the body starts to shut down its processes, slowing the metabolism, making the dieter feel unwell and burning protein, not fat. This is a serious sign that something is wrong, and if you have struggled to lose weight with standard diets, then you may need to rethink your slimming strategy, and look for an alternative method of losing those kilos.

How can I stop the body reacting?

The best weightloss diet is one that helps the dieter to slim down, without causing the body to slow the metabolism. However, these diets often take a lot of time, while dieters tend to lose focus, and usually only result in a few kilos of lost weight. One alternative is to try to keep the metabolism going while dieting, so that there is no weight gained, and no muscle lost, and the way to do that is through 123 weight-loss drops. These drops are taken three times a day to help suppress the body's starvation impulse by aiming to keep the metabolism going. By combining these drops with a low-kilojoule diet, then gradually introducing normal food back into mealtimes, dieters can help reduce their body reactions and hopefully start to lose weight efficiently. The boost to the metabolism can also help dieters to keep off the kilos after they have reached their target weight.

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