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For those looking for ways to losing weight quickly and safely, it is better to get an understanding about the overweight and obesity, so that they can actually identify whether they are overweight, obese or whether they maintain the right weight. When it comes to obesity, it is a condition, when there is excess fat storage in the body and an individual is classified as obese, when the weight is 30% or more than the Body Mass Index (BMI). When the weight is between 25% and 29.9% more than the BMI, it is stated to be pre-obese condition. When it is more than more than or equal to 25%, the individual is stated to be in overweight stage. The normal range is 18.5 to 24.9.

Herbal remedies: After having understood the definition of obesity, pre-obesity and overweight, as soon as an individual reaches the initial border of overweight, it is better to look for ways to lose weight, so that overweight and pre-obesity can be restricted. When it comes to losing weight quickly and safely, the herbal remedy called as InstaSlim capsules can help.

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Ingredients do the job: InstaSlim capsules can address all the underlying factors that prevent individuals from losing weight, such that the users can get the intended weight loss benefits. Now, let us get into the details about some of the effective ingredients in InstaSlim capsules:


  1. This herbal ingredient is actually cardio protective in nature.
  2. It is known to have proven effect on heart palpitations.
  3. The bark of this tree is known for its high presence of co-enzyme Q-10, which is good for digestive functions and can protect the skeletal muscles.

The benefit of this herb associated with weight loss is that it can improve the digestive process. When the digestion happens in the right manner, the storage of unwanted fat in the body will be eliminated, thereby helping individuals to lose weight in a natural manner.


This is another ingredient added to InstaSlim capsules to help in losing weight quickly and safely.

  1. It can work as an appetizer.
  2. It is a mild laxative.
  3. As it is a carminative herb, it will help in prevention of gas in the gastrointestinal tract and it will facilitate easy gas expulsion.
  4. It is useful against tape-worms.

Its weight loss benefits are associated with this herb being a laxative. When unwanted toxins from the body are expelled, unwanted weight caused by these toxins will be removed, thereby helping towards weight loss.


Haritaki is a popular name when it comes to herbal remedies. Due to its effectiveness in providing relief to different ailments in the human body, it is added as an ingredient in many ayurvedic remedies.

  1. As it is a laxative herb, it will help in effective removal of unwanted toxins from the body.
  2. Its colon cleansing properties will help in detoxification and in providing rejuvenation to the entire body.

When it comes to losing weight quickly and safely, it is recommended that InstaSlim capsules, which have many other ingredients, can be used by men and women looking for weight loss benefits.

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