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Weight Loss And Belly Fat

Sometimes it is not easy to gain weight mainly because of restless life in which people fails to follow a fixed healthy diet. This leads to high basal metabolism rate which surely make the body thin and low on energy. So don't be late to make some strong changes to the life starting with healthy diet. This article tells some tips to increase weight gain:

1. Healthy Breakfast

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Make sure to eat healthy breakfast everyday without fail. Well balanced and healthy breakfast is the best way t wake up the metabolism and appetite. It's better to add some proteins, grains and fruits to begin the day. Add bagel sandwich with cheese and eggs and fresh juices or cereal with milk and berries.

2. Eat at least 5-6 times in a day

Make sure to have 3 t 4 meals per day with snacks and juices in between. By eating reasonable portions spread throughout the entire day prevents excessive fullness. Definitely the energy in must be higher than the energy out at the end of the day which helps to gain weight.

3. Snacks for extra calories

Chips, dried fruit, granola bars, fruit with peanut butter, veggies, cheese and crackers, nuts, smoothies and cookies are packable and portable items that can help to keep up with the needs throughout the day. Dark chocolate, milk with cereal and ice creams are great snacks which can be used in the day end.

4. Avoid protein diet repetition

Taking same foods continuously is boring and sometimes this leads to less easting. Try something new varieties of food items with protein content like beef, fish, pork, chicken, beans, eggs, mutton, nuts, yogurt etc.

5. High-calorie nutritional supplements & caloric beverages

Nutritional supplements are the best way to get quick and easy calories with Vitamins and minerals. Try to take high calorie supplements and on the days with less hungry. Also include caloric beverages like Juices, milk etc.

6. Regular Exercise

Cardio workouts burns the calories and that must be replaced by easting more food. This will help to stimulate the body appetite and assures to build an appropriate amount of muscle. Min 5 days of workouts every week will assure optimal outcomes. Better to consult fitness adviser before establishing a safe plan in these matters.

7. Proper sleep

Regular sleep is an important thing for maintain weight and good health. Average body needs 7 to 8 hours sleep every day. Some people sleep more than 10 hours in a day while some others sleep only 5 hours per day. Try to understand how many hours sleep required to make the body healthy and active and sleep accordingly.

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