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The need for such treatments

It would be an understatement that the obese people need guidance and proper planning to cut down on the extra calories. Obesity is a hub for all the dreadful diseases. The young generation, however is very much conscious about the importance of fitness. This has accounted for the increasing acceptability of such treatments. These help to combat the factors that are the prime reasons behind obesity and flabbiness such as the anxiety, irregular food habits, and non uniform diet and of course pollution. A diet counselor shapes up the entire schedule required to tone up a body.

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Highlights of diet counseling

  • It is a detailed study of the lifestyle and the food habits of an individual and then guiding towards attaining better health.
  • This is a long term process having several layers.
  • It remains unique with every individual since detail of the individual is used to figure out a plan.
  • The first step includes filling up of two questionnaires that requires honesty on the part of the patients.
  • This works as a friend and guide to the patients.
  • The questionnaires are examined in detail by the counselor before a plan is chalked out.
  • After the plan is dished out to the patient, follow up consultation is required after a period of two to three weeks once the schedule or the chalked out plan is followed by the individual.
  • The results may be a time taking affair, but the last for long periods.
  • The treatment has yielded successful results, devoid of any side effects.

A misconception that prevails amongst most of the youngsters is that by giving up eating, one can achieve trim body and fitness but in reality all that can be achieved are weakness and an unfit body. A proper diet plan is required for a sound body and a healthy mind.

The proper diet plan

  • This should be prescribed by an expert preferably by a nutritionist.
  • It should be a balance of protein, carbohydrate and vitamins.
  • Intake of water in sufficient quantity is very much required.
  • The number of meals should be more, but heavy intake vide a single meal should be avoided.
  • The ever attractive fries should be kept away.
  • The dinner should be lightest amongst all the staple meals.
  • Fruits should be a part of the everyday diet.
  • Green vegetables should definitely be a part of the diet plan.
  • Proper body nourishment is a very important aspect. A nutritionist specifies the exact quantity of food that should be consumed depending on the calorific value of each of them.
  • No meal should be skipped especially the breakfast.

The health and the fitness centers, apart from guiding about the diet also recommends about the exercise that should be a part of the regime. The exercise tips include some free hand which is able to burn calories. Walking is also a recommended exercise. Care should be taken that exercise do not harm the body and hence the need of proper guidance.

Diet planning and counseling treatment has really been able to change the mindset of the people in a big way. Mumbai health centers deserve the kudos for it.

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