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Tea, a nutritional beverage, that I loved by all of us helps to relax us and makes us stress free at times. It is consumed by mixing water in it and therefore can be used as a substitute than the other drinks here. Drinking tea is very popular among all and is also considered to be one of the natural and effective ways of losing weight. The benefits of drinking weight loss tea are amazing since people love to drink it in various ingredients that are available. The teas here helps to reduce the fat in our body as well as increase various elements in our body like tannins and amino acid.

Major Types of Tea

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We have four different types of teas available namely the white, green, oolong and black all of which are derived from the same Camellia Sinesis plant. The difference between these four types is their own functions and processing procedures which is mostly done for the tea leaves to ferment or oxidize. Read on further to know in detail what these different types are:

White Tea

This is said to be the most delicate and least processed tea in the world that is made of leaves which are picked immediately before they open up fully. They are removed specially when the buds are still covered with fine white hairs and they get that complete white look. It is usually made from the young leaves which are not fermented at all and are simply harvested, cleaned, dried and packaged. In this way you do not get a grassy taste of the green leaves but instead you will get a mild flavor with sweetness in it. Research has also shown that white tea has the maximum number of antioxidants in it which is much more than the antioxidant found in green tea. You also get to see less caffeine in it and is revered as the “tea of the royals” since it was first introduced in 1990's. You will also be surprised to know that it prized for the most cooling and refreshing nature that provide anti-bacterial, anti-viral and heart strengthening oxidants.

Green Tea

The distinctive green color found in this type of tea is due to the incomplete fermentation of the leaves. Similar to the process of white tea, even here the leaves are picked, cleaned and dried immediately before they open up and get fermented. Once they are harvested and cleaned well, the leaves are then baked, roasted, sun dried or steamed so that the fermentation process can be stopped at once. In this way you can cut, ground or roll them into variety of unique shapes. Like the white teas, even green teas has the highest number of oxidants in it that are beneficial to one's health The high concentration of EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) found here is the most beneficial ingredient that helps in the oxidation of fat.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea here is a semi-fermented whole leaf teas that is generally considered to have similar taste and colour to that of green and black teas. The processing here takes a longer time and helps in elimination of harsh irritants from the raw teas so that the fragrance and flavor in it can distinguish it from the other types. This tea is also used for weight loss just like green teas and also has special ingredients that burn maximum calories in our body. Black

This is the only type of tea that is drunk by maximum number of people around the world and has a production rate of 75% globally and 87% consumption by American tea drinkers. The procedure is simple but takes times just like the process in Oolong teas where the fermentation is allowed to continue for a longer time. It contains high levels of oxidants like Thearubigins and Theaflavins that are highly responsible for the colour and acerbic flavor of black teas.

However the main motive behind consuming this tea is to increase insulin sensitivity in the body that results in burning the fat in our body. The high antioxidant found here is known to increase the body's metabolic process by almost 4 percent which then results in suppressing the appetite and regulate the blood sugar levels properly.

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