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Obesity is a chronic condition that has gripped millions of Indians. A person is termed obese when his/her BMI (Body Mass Index) crosses 40. Obesity, not only makes a person fat, but also leads to various obesity-related diseases. A fat body puts pressure on the legs and constant pressure results in arthritis, diabetes and other bone-related issues. Similarly, almost 90 percent of obese patients suffer from Type-2 diabetes. Obesity also results in excessive stress, hypertension and blood pressure. The heart is at grave risk due to excessive fat deposition in that area. As a result of these, obese patients are in constant search for solutions. Well, one of the most convenient yet effective solutions to these problems is Bariatric surgery in India.

Obesity surgery is a risk-free surgery. Only in case of severe health issues, there are minor complications. However, to avoid the chances of risk and complications altogether, it is best to look for the best obesity surgery doctor. A good obesity surgeon will not only understand the psychological and physical conditions of the patient, but will also be able to give the best suggestions on surgery procedures. Many times surgeons are aware of only one or two surgical procedures. However, a surgeon with limited knowledge of surgery might not be the best for proper consultation.

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Therefore, look for obesity surgery experts with at least 100 successful surgeries in their kitty. Surgeons with 360 degree knowledge of obesity surgeries should be the best choice for consultation. Also, experienced surgeons will be unbiased in terms of giving surgical consultation. Other things to look for when choosing a good obesity surgery doctor is availability of support team such as physicians, nurses, dieticians, psychologist, counselors and support staff. A surgeon with a ready team will ensure that you get immediate support in case of any complication.

Post-surgery lifestyle changes

While the chances of obesity recurrence post-surgery are rare, precautions should always be taken to ensure and maintain a healthy life. This included a sticking to prescribed diet and exercise and staying away from ill-habits such as smoking and drinking.

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