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Tips For Burning Fat

In today's world we are all looking for quick, tasty and nutritious meals. Fast food restaurants have cornered the market on quick and tasty but are lacking significantly in nutrition. In our fast paced lives, it can become easy to make the nutritional sacrifice in order to get the kids to school, go to work or beat rush hour. Many times people feel so tired at the end of the day that the last thing you want to do is spend an hour cooking something healthy. Over time of ignoring the importance of eating right; our bodies begin to reveal our bad habits to ourselves and to others. Unfortunately, this only leaves us to feeling as though we let ourselves down.

Some motivators to find healthy and affordable ways to lose weight fast are usually things like:

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  • Clothes feel tight
  • Becoming horrified as you watch the scale go higher
  • Feeling sluggish and tired all the time
  • Others are noticing your weight changes and being treated differently
  • A not so favorable health exam

Ironically, kids can be a reason to need to use fast food at times but they can also be the motivator for wanting to eat right and be healthy. The problem is most healthy meals are time consuming to prepare and in our fast paced world, time is most definitely short!

What's Considered Healthy?

For starters, eating something that is known to be free of toxins, hormones, antibiotics and artificial ingredients is top on the list. Very often you will see now in supermarkets, an organic section but you will also pay for that added benefit. With the Non-GMO awareness, we are beginning to see some labeling help consumers make informed choices. A meal should be a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates and good fats such as the omega 3's. Low fat or low carb meals will make up for it in other ways to try to keep it tasting good. With a heavy dependence on processed foods; another important component is fiber. How are YOU doing with getting the 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day?

How To Make It Simple

So how do we eat healthy and lose weight without spending hours a day preparing meals? What has a healthy balance of protein, carbs and good fats that will not only be nutritious but is quick, easy to prepare, tastes good and is a healthy and affordable way to lose weight fast? It's easy…a whey protein meal replacement shake! But… not just any whey protein and not just any shake. You want to make sure your whey has been processed in a “way” that has not damaged the nutritional value. A cold press process preserves the nutrients. Another important tip is to make sure you use whey as opposed to soy for your protein. Whey has proven to be superior to soy for protein because of its ability to build muscle, increase your metabolism and burn fat. Soy does not even come close to these kind of benefits!

A whey meal replacement is simple in that you can achieve a healthy and nutritious meal by simply mixing with ice water in a blender or shaker bottle and have a meal in under 2 minutes! You can easily take it with you on the go and have a yummy satisfying meal and help you to lose or maintain your weight. There are many different flavors and recipes to choose from if you decide to change it up a bit.

Can This All Be Affordable?

So does this all sound too good to be true? Well, start asking yourself this question. How much do you spend on a meal now? When you go out for lunch or on the go what do you spend, $15? $10? Ok, if it's fast food how is $6? Or $4? What do you think you are getting nutrition-wise with that? How does spending under $3 per shake sound? That's pretty darn affordable! AND…if you are being more aggressive with losing weight you can have them up to 2x per day! Imagine that! You can have:

  • Quality and clean nutrition
  • Simple to prepare
  • Tasty AND
  • An affordable way to lose weight fast!
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