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Weight loss is one of the biggest hurdles that a society suffering from obesity needs to overcome. It can affect a person immensely on an emotional and physical scale. While maintaining a balanced diet and exercising is effectively the best solution to losing weight, in some instances, it may not be a viable option. A recent study has now shed light on the possible beneficial effects of probiotics in losing weight.

While bacteria is one of the most dangerous foes to human beings, there are also millions of bacteria within the human body, responsible for ensuring proper functioning of the internal systems. They particularly play a major role in the gut, regulating the process of digestion. In a recent study, it has now been observed that certain types of probiotics can also aid weight loss.

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Fat absorption is regulated by the liver which releases enzymes to digest fats present in food to be stored for later consumption. These probiotics essentially disrupt this process by inhibiting the effects of these enzymes. The fats are then partially passed towards the next phase of digestion where it is eventually excreted by feces.

Despite the fact that the study was limited and was conducted among above average overweight individuals resulting in a rather modest level of fat loss, it still appeared promising.In any case, extensive research on the concept may lead to new ways of aiding weight loss, which can be useful for people who are genetically disposed to accumulate fat or possess other conditions that cause excess lipid accumulation.

Other studies have also been conducted and numerous conclusions have been made. The common denominator is that probiotics do in fact have an effect on weight loss. Interestingly, a few studies have suggested that these effects were only seen in females, which can be a little puzzling. One explanation may be that the effectiveness of probiotics is limited to a person's body type so males may require a different strain to have the same benefit. Another aspect to consider is the type of probiotics used. There are a number of various “good” bacteria that can affect an individual differently.

Probiotics quietly work in the system unlike its disease causing counterparts to improve overall health. Apart from aiding digestion, it has also proven to aid sinus related conditions as well as fight mental disorders such as depression. The main benefit of probiotics as a supplement is the relatively few side effects compared to other supplements.

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