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Fat Burn Workouts - 5 Fat Burning Exercises For The Stomach That Works

Stomach Fat Exercises

Monetary weight loss reward is powerful! Research has proven that cash incentive enhance the success of weight loss strategies. Healthy Loser weight loss challenge has used this knowledge to create a unique fast weight loss program that gives $5000 to the highest loser for losing 15 percent or more of the body weight. Healthy Loser shares tips from contest winners to help you lose weight quick.

Guillermo Resendiz

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  • Ate fish, vegetables and protein shakes.
  • No tortilla, sodas, bread, only water fish and green stuff.
  • By the end of the contest, ran 8 miles every day.
  • Set up a space just for working out without having any distractions.

William Gannon (lost 29%)

  • Adjust any diet and routine to suit your own body and needs
  • Counting one day at a time helped me stick to the system.
  • A shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch and then my meal for dinner plus a lot of water. The knowledge that I was coming home to a meal worked a lot better to help me stay motivated throughout the days.
  • Adding variations to your exercise routine helps to keep your routine fresh and improve motivation to meet and beat each challenge.

Gregory Koenitzer

  • I was attending the gym at least six days a week, spending at least an hour on rigorous physical activity.
  • I used measuring cups and measuring glasses to equate the amount of calories that I would digest every day. I also kept count of every gram of fat, sugar, sodium, and carbohydrate.
  • I made a promise that I would not eat out, especially fast food.

Adam Nardini

  • Focused on living a healthy and happy life, not shaving pounds.
  • Ate my biggest meal in the morning and then make each meal smaller as the day went along, with a couple of snacks interspersed.
  • I drank water constantly and made it a point to take the stairs.
  • I learned to listen to my body with regards to pace, the number of sets if I was lifting weights, and even started to trust my body when it told me to eat, although I tried my best to give it fruit instead of the junk food it craved.

Andrew Makarious

  • I started slowly by going to the gym only 30 minutes a day and doing only cardio.
  • My diet consisted of 1500 calories divided into 5 meals a day and a proper breakdown of a carbohydrate to protein to fat ratio.
  • For me, nutrition is the hardest part but it accounts for 80% of your results, whether your goal is to lose weight or to gain lean muscle mass.

William Wyler

  • There is no way that I could have done it without David Chatwin from Healthy Loser competition coaching me through it all.
  • Stuck to diet and the results kept me going.

Rick Woolen

  • Strategy DEPMA – Diet, Exercise and Positive Mental Attitude.
  • I created my formula for success by incorporating both Diet (restricting calories eaten) and Exercise (burning calories by moving).
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