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There have been a lot of studies that have been done to check on the effectiveness of bariatric surgeries in India such as adjustable gastric banding and gastric bypass long with their long term effects. The consensus has been that in most cases these operations are safe and they always lead to significant weight loss as well as a great improvement in weight related medical problems but most importantly the maintenance of weight loss. Since different people have their own individual needs, you need to talk to an experienced bariatric surgeon in India so they can choose something that will be good enough for you.

Ability to follow-up: If you are going to get a treatment such as adjustable gastric band, you must remember that that there must be follow up treatment in order for any required adjustment to be done. During the first year after this kind of bariatric surgery in India, most patients that undertake this procedure will typically need to be seen by their doctor more often than those that undergo gastric bypass or gastric sleeve procedures. It is therefore important if you are an adjustable gastric band patient that you make a deliberate effort to ensure that you attend the follow up treatments so you can achieve maximum weight loss. Most people who cannot get their employer allow them to go for follow up treatments or those that live far away from their bariatric surgeon in India will usually find it harder to do the follow up.

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Fear of needles: For this kind of bariatric treatment in India the band must be filled and they have to use a needle; take note however that needle referred to here is a small one and the fills will not cause any significant pain. However, there are many people who are naturally afraid of needles no matter how small the needle is. You want to know about this aspect of the procedure from the beginning so that you don't get shocked when your doctor tells you they are going to use a needle.

Punishment factor: For those patients that undergo the gastric bypass, you must realize that you are going to experience what feels like 'dumping' any time you eat foods that contain sugars. Once you eat any sugary foods you may start sweating as your heart begins to race, followed by dizziness, some abdominal pain and oftentimes diarrhea. This will help you to stay away from any foods that are likely to cause you this kind of a problem. There is bariatric surgery in India patients who appreciate the idea of knowing that when they try to cheat on their diet the treatment will actually 'punish' them; gastric banding and sleeve patients don't experience that and they must therefore be more self-disciplined.

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