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Is it possible to lose weight without dieting? It is definitely a possibility. In fact, a lot of diets fail because they are different from the norm. They require you to change habits immediately and stick to something you are not used to. Some diets can be very helpful and some people do succeed on them. But, if you want develop lifetime healthy habits to keep your body fit and at a reasonable weight, then learning to lose weight without dieting is for you.

Since we know that our habits shape us and our bodies, let's look at habits we can change or improve to get out of a slump and move forward to being fit, thin, and healthy.

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Lose Weight Without Dieting

  • Sleep routine. It's funny to think that sleeping well can help you lose weight. But, it is true! Getting enough sleep is so important for our bodies. During sleep cycles, our bodies are rested and then renewed to start another day. Think about it. If you are too tired to do daily tasks and good habits, you won't do them. Plan a morning routine for getting up and a night routine for going to bed. Make sure you are well rested. I like to use essential oils to help me relax, go to sleep and stay asleep.
  • Stress levels. Stress to the mind and body has negative results. When the stress hormone is triggered regularly and often, the hormone levels that are released are higher and aid in fat cell growth. Take a look at how you manage stress. We all have it everyday, but make sure you can manage it and take time for meditation and relaxation.
  • Exercise. One of my excuses for eating what I want is because I am a runner. I love to run and I love to eat ice cream, so I do both! The funny thing is, I found when I am consistently working out and running, I crave more healthy foods and eat them. If you are not cutting sugar out of your diet, then try to exercise at least 5 times a week.
  • Positive Attitude. Believing in yourself and believing that you can accomplish your weight loss goals will help you accomplish them. Your body does what your mind tells it to. Be grateful for your body even if it isn't where you want it to be yet.
  • Focus. I truly believe that focus is what helped me lose those last stubborn 10 pounds. I was totally focused on eating right, being positive, managing stress, and being grateful. Keep your eye on the prize.

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