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Can running make it impossible to lose that belly? Learning a few tips and tricks can make all of the difference in the results you are currently getting.

You know that feeling when you just ran 8 miles and you are on a energy high and your hopes are high too, until you put on those jeans? You feel like you've been underhanded this whole time as you work hard, do your best, and still your tummy is hanging out there mocking you. It's revolting to accomplish so much when all you ask is that your stomach will flatten.

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Running is super good for you in so many ways. One of the ways is it burns calories. But, because you are burning so many calories, you are hungry and eat. It's a fine balance between having enough calories for energy to run, but not too many to make your tummy bulge. There are ways to combat the bulging belly and keep running. All it takes is your determination and focus.

As a runner, I know how it is to think about running all of the time. I refer to running in everything I do! Since running was my focus, food wasn't. In fact, I ran so I could eat my favorite foods, chocolate and popcorn. I was fit, but still had a belly. My last children were twins and so my belly poked out on my small frame. So then I switched my focus from running to food choices and eating. Once I did that, I flattened my belly and surpassed my original goal weight.

Trade-Secrets To Lose That Belly

  • Chia Seeds. Chia seeds are the ultimate runner's food. They are packed full of protein and omegas. Eat 2 tablespoons a day to get the full effect. Chia seeds are extremely low in calories but they will help you feel full and satisfied. Eat them in oatmeal, yogurt or smoothies. Eat them before a run.
  • Vitamins. Remember to take your vitamins. For gut health and to combat bloating, take a probiotic everyday.
  • Water. Of course you drink water, but drink more. Add a of a squeezed lemon to your water at least once a day. This will aid in cravings and cleansing your digestive tract.
  • Cut Out. Cut out sugar. It is the food that fat cells love. Once I cut out sugar, I saw results very quickly.

You can make this changes because you already have the courage to do hard things.

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