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For years, Obesity Surgery has been seen as a 'risky' operation as patients fear that the side effects may make their situation worse. However, it is important for us to understand how Obesity Surgery, or more commonly known as Bariatric Surgery, actually works. Now a day surgeons prefer using a safer and a more accurate option known by the name Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery.

What is Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery?

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Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery is a form of surgery in which a patient is operated with the aid of a camera. The surgeon makes small incisions around the belly area and inserts 2-3 instruments whereby the surgery process is executed. One of those instruments is the camera and the same is connected to a television, which offers a clear insight into the patient's body. The remaining instruments are used to make the necessary operation. It usually takes about 2-3 hours for the operation to be complete and the recovery period is remarkably fast.

How long is the recovery period?

There have been reports where patients have been discharged within 48 to 72 hours of their operation. Since the operation is made with the aid of small incision, the body tends to recover faster. Within a matter of a week or two, the patient can resume to his routine lifestyle.

After the operation, am I free to eat according to my wish?

It is a misnomer that you can have whatever you want after undergoing Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery. Surgeons always advise patients to keep a check on their food consumption habits. Undergoing a surgery allows the patient to lose fat, but continuing with the previous diet will make them gain weight, once again.

The objective of weight loss surgery is to give patients a second chance to live a healthy life. This is where factors such as maintaining a healthy diet, exercising on a regular basis and staying positive are required to be considered. Any patient who has the patience to follow the given diet religiously can easily make a difference in his life with the aid of Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery.

I have heard cases of unsuccessful Obesity Surgery. Is Laparoscopic Surgery the right option?

The success of a surgery mainly depends upon the understanding between the surgeon and the patient. It is not necessary that a good surgeon will always be successful with a surgery, but when the surgeon gets a good patient, who follows his advice, the outcome is definitely fruitful. Laparoscopic Obesity Treatment is safe and effective, provided the patient has the potential to follow the ideal weight loss 'Plan of Action'.

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