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Metabolic Weight Loss

We hardly have any self-restraint when it comes to food and while we are ignoring the calories and gobbling down the delicacies, we are adding inches to our waistlines that we later regret. And when talking about that extra flab, exercising is the only solution that will help you. But thanks to our hectic schedule, we have little to no time to spare for other important things let alone for the gym. Your smartphone can help you lose weight in without taking much of your time. here are some of the best fitness apps that may help you reach your fitness goals.

Lose It

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Eating right is the first step in weight loss. You should be aware about your calorie intake as the food you eat is the real culprit for increased weight. Lost It app helps you monitor your calorie intake and suggests you what you should be eating. It helps you lose weight by eating healthy and you can create custom recipes and share them with other users. You can create personalized weight loss goals and challenge your friends as well.

Pokemon Go

The augmented reality game became a huge hit when it was released and why wouldn't it be since it literally turns the fantasies of Pokemon fans into reality. The game is medically proven to reduce your weight as the game requires you to walk to play it. it is a fun way to get yourself moving and trimming those extra inches without even realizing it.

Nike+ Training Club

If you want to lose weight, you will have to exercise; there, we said it. if you don't have time to join the gym, Nike+ Training Club is the app that will help you. you can choose from 100 workout plans or a four-week program. Also, you can choose from beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

Google Fit

Basically, Google has solution to all your problems and it has made staying fit easier for you. you can use the app to track your daily activities by simply carrying around your phone. it lets you set different goals like moving for one hour in a day to help you stay motivated while losing weight.

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