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So I was 35 pounds overweight and neglecting to get in shape when a companion of mine sent me a connection to something many refer to as the Venus Factor.

I truly expected to get in shape so I chose to give it a go.

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Hey, my name is Maggie and for as far back as 13 years I have been working behind a work area for a developmental business.

When I began this occupation I was really thin yet throughout the years of eating and eating an excessive amount of my weight had quite recently crawled up on me.

It came to the heart of the matter where I didn't go out any longer, I simply didn't have the vitality and I was tragic about the way I looked.

Something needed to change. So I purchased the Venus Factor and guaranteed to give it a legitimate go.

So here we are 3 months after the fact and I'm composing my own Venus Factor audit to help anyone who might be perusing this choose whether or not they ought to purchase it.

So in this survey I'm going to discuss;

What Is The Venus Factor?

The Pros and Cons.

My Results

Should You Buy It?

So how about we begin.

What Is The Venus Factor?

The Venus Factor is a 12 week health improvement plan that should offer you smolder fat, some assistance with losing weight and get fit as a fiddle.

It's just for ladies.

This is what you get when you purchase the Venus Factor.

Venus component pdf12 week fat misfortune's framework digital book – So this is the principle item. It's a 180 page digital book, however cycle 80 pages are feast arrangements to take after.

It took me a few hours to peruse through.

In this book you will take in the entire Venus Factor framework and why ladies need to eat diversely to men.

It fundamentally clarifies another method for eating for ladies to blaze fat and gives you a careful calendar to take over.

There's a considerable measure of data in here and I needed to peruse the whole book twice just to ensure everything sank in.

Be that as it may, it's all really simple to take over regardless of the possibility that you're somewhat moderate now and then, similar to me. :- )

I think the Venus Factor direct more than anything opened my eyes to a superior method for eating for me as a lady and how I can eat to get in shape additionally stay solid.

Venus variable workout plan12 week workout framework – This is a 12 workout arrange for that accompanies the eating regimen arrangement.

As I said before in this audit I went to the Venus Factor Program since I was neglecting to do the to a great degree difficult P90X.

In case I'm straightforward I was concerned that I wouldn't have the capacity to do the Venus Factor workouts either yet I wasn't right.

I wasn't fit as a fiddle yet the workouts were simply a good fit for me.

They normally last me around 25 minutes. Which is significantly not exactly the 60-a hour and a half you do in P90X.

To give you a case of the workouts here's Week 1 – Day 1 of the Venus Factor 12 week workout arrangement.


Presently in case you're similar to me when you initially taken a gander at the workout over the main thing you'll perceive are 'pushups'.

So you might be considering, “I don't realize what a bowler squat is, how am I expected?!”

In any case, what is really cool is that you can tap on any of the activities and it takes you to a video that demonstrates to you generally accepted methods to do the activity.

This is truly well thoroughly considered and I simply like that they took an ideal opportunity to make more than 136 recordings.

They're one moment or two each and they're better than average at demonstrating to you best practices to do the activity.

Venus component workout recordings

I for one think activity is truly essential and I'm somebody that needs direction with regards to working out so the Venus Factor workout arrangements are truly useful.

They let you know what to do and how to do it.

The workouts them self is testing and will abandon you in a decent sweat yet not all that tiresome that it abandons you feeling like a zombie.

So next up we have the…

Venus Factor Nutrition Calculator

Venus wearable nourishment adding machine

The sustenance adding machine is a helpful little instrument.

You enter in your state, age and weight and a few estimations and it ascertains your optimal insights and lets you know some supportive stuff like what number of calories you have to keep up your weight and what number of calories you ought to devour to shed pounds.

The Venus Factor Private Forum

Venus variable gathering 1

Venus component discussion

I think the private gathering is a better aspect regarding the Venus Factor since it's extremely dynamic and the presentation area alone has more than 49,000 posts.

At this moment there are more than 500,000 individuals and there dependably appear to be heaps of individuals online so the discussion is all that much alive.

So on the off chance that you ever get to stay with something or need exhortation it's really cool that there are a huge number of other ladies who have experienced the Venus Factor and arrive to help you.

There's a decent vibe on the discussion and everybody appears to be willing to offer assistance.

I additionally saw from perusing the gathering that numerous ladies give off an impression of being having accomplished with the Venus Factor framework which is empowering.

I feel that regardless of the fact that you would prefer not to post on the discussion you will at present pick up a great deal just by perusing the supportive stuff individuals post.

One of my most loved strings on the gathering is a string called;

“The Last 10lbs”

The last 10 pounds string has more than 394 posts in it from the ladies on their approach to losing the last few pounds. There's some truly supportive tips in there.

The discussion isn't simply to discuss the Venus Factor either. There's heaps of other stuff on there about getting in shape and enhancing wellbeing.

The Pros and Cons of the Venus Factor


It's anything but difficult to take after – After you've experienced all the material you're essentially set to go as all the feast arrangements and workouts are booked for you.

You'll know when to practice and what to do in your workout and you'll know precisely what to eat and what amount.

The group is astounding – Reading posts in the Venus Factor discussion from ladies who have bought and are getting results will inspire you to get your own particular results.

The workouts are exceptionally viable – If you detest the treadmill, then the Venus Factor workouy might be exactly what you require.

They're about body weight, activity and resistance preparing. This is on account of resistance preparing tones the muscles and blazes fat quicker than customary cardio.

So the workouts aren't long and they're awesome at smoldering fat. This is awesome in case you're occupied and don't have hours to spend on the treadmill consistently.

You'll get comes about quick – Because you'll be eating healthy, practicing frequently and will be on a calorie deficiency you'll get in shape really quick.

I shed pounds my first week.

The Cons

You will require additional hardware for the workouts – Luckily for me I was doing P90X before I began with the Venus Factor so I had all the gear I required.

A percentage of the gear required for the workouts is;

Dumbbells (I utilize 6lb and 10lb dumbbells)

Resistance groups

A workout seat

The seat is somewhat discretionary as you can simply utilize a durable seat.

A percentage of the eating routine arrangement nourishment is very dark – I do the majority of my shopping online now since it was taking me ages at the shops to discover a percentage of the sustenances since they're not what I regularly eat.

Stuff like “Chobani nonfat strawberry Greek yogurt” or grungy coconut oil.

In case I'm straight forward I don't adhere to the dinner arranges precisely. Rather than the Chobani yogurt I'll simply purchase nonfat Greek yogurt.

I think the length of you adhere to your calories and micronutrients then it's alright to swap out a portion of the nourishments and even make up your own supper arranges in view of what you'll realize in the ad.

My Results After Using The Venus Factor for 3 Months.

So I figure this is the most critical piece of my Venus Factor audit.

Well, I'm cheerful to say that I have shed pounds!

I even kept a log of the amount of weight I lost week by week.

My objective was to lose 35 pounds. That is a major objective.

Here's my week by week log.

Objective = Lose 35 pounds

Week 1 – Lost 5 pounds

Week 2 – Lost 2 pounds

Week 3 – Lost 2 pounds

Week 4 – Lost 2 pounds

In the first place month down lost 11 pounds

Week 5 – Lost 2 pounds

Week 6 – Lost 2 pounds

Week 7 – Lost 3 pounds

Week 8 – Lost 2 pounds

Second month lost 9 pounds

Week 9 – Lost 1 pounds

Week 10 – Lost 2 pounds

Week 11 – Lost 2 pounds

Week 12 – Lost 1 pounds

Third month lost 7 pounds

All out weight lost in 12 weeks = 28 pounds

So regardless I have to lose 6 pounds before I achieve my objective of 35 pounds.

I think I will arrive inside of the following month or two.

They say that the last few pounds are the hardest to lose, however I'm taking in heaps of accommodating tips from the Venus Factor discussion so I'm sure I'll arrive soon!

Subsequent to getting more fit I have discovered I have substantially more vitality and wind up needing to do stuff more rather than simply slump on the love seat. It's verging on like another lease of life.

Additionally, it's really pleasant that heaps of individuals have remarked on my weight reduction and even asked me how I've been doing it.

That is something you can look forward as well on the off chance that you confer yourself to the Venus Factor framework.

Should You Buy The Venus Factor?

Since I've had extraordinary results with the Venus Factor you might think the answer is yes, purchase it.

Be that as it may, I'm not here attempting and offer you anything so my recommendation is to take a second and inquire as to whether you're truly dedicated to getting in shape.

Since, in spite of the fact that the Venus Factor truly works, it's not going to make you thin overnight and it requires a promise.

In the event that you can answer yes to the inquiries beneath then I suggest you purchase the Venus Factor.

Is it accurate to say that you are ready to practice a couple times each week?

Is it true that you are ready to remove garbage sustenance and begin eating solid nutritious nourishment?

On the off chance that you addressed, yes to the inquiries above, then that implies you are focused on getting more fit and the Venus Factor is for you.

I trust that on the off chance that you confer yourself by taking after the eating regimen arrangements and work.

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