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What is the secret to stop late night food cravings?

You know the desperate feeling when you can't settle down unless you sit down with a plate of something? Being overtaken by the nighttime food fairy doesn't seem fair or unstoppable. Habits are hard to break. That is why they are called habits. And what about cravings? They are not easy to control. They almost consume you. When a craving comes on, it is the only focus your brain has. Your kids can ask you anything in moments like this and get away with it because your craving is front and center.

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Being out of control is an unsettling emotion. Cravings and hunger are strong feelings, but there are ways to conquer these emotions. As you learn the secret to stop late night food cravings, you can become more in control of your emotions and health. Your body will be able to digest more easily and you can see weight loss results. Focus on starting new habits instead of getting rid of old ones. In fact, we'll try to replace the bad habit for a good habit instead.

Eating late at night was a habit that has taken awhile to kick. First of all, I didn't want to get rid of it. I enjoyed relaxing at night with a snack. But, soon the urge to get rid of a belly pooch overran the need for a late night snack. Along with other health habits I implemented, I soon was relieved to see results on the scale and in my wardrobe. I was happy to have the need to buy smaller pants.

The Secret To Stop Late Night Food Cravings

  • Essential oils. These have been around for a long time and are a great tool for stopping cravings all together. They have the ability to regulate blood sugar and help suppress your appetite. Be selective when choosing the brand of essential oils you use. The ones you find in the health food store or not pure or a good quality. It is important that you choose spend the investment and use the ones that will really work so you will see results.
  • Beverages. A hot or cool drink can replace the need to snack. An herbal tea or a smoothie are healthy options.
  • Relaxation. Find ways to relax instead of food. Often times we eat when we are bored. Cultivate relaxing activities like stretching or meditation to help you go right to sleep without food.
  • Avoid. Completely stop eating snacks all together and soon your brain won't crave them anymore. You've created a trigger in your brain and then rewarded it with food. If you deny the reward, the triggers will stop.

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