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What constitutes non surgical procedures?

Weight loss and fat removal therapies have been on a greater demand for many decades and the options have been limited to surgical mechanisms for a very long time. Some of the conventional procedures are already outdated and at the same time there are procedures such as liposuction and bariatric surgery that are still popular. They have been pursued to be the standard of care in many ways as the results experienced by the patients have also been in sync with their expectations. Not only that, those procedures are recognized by the global bodies and are recommended for the sake of fat removal and subsequently focusing on the process of weight removal. As it is always the process of maturing into better options and evolving through challenges, the new age procedures such as fat freeze treatment and ultrasound lyposis are being introduced into the world of cosmetology focusing on weight loss and fat removal. The difference between the new generation treatments and the conventional ones like liposuction are pretty much clear which can be found in the common usage of terminology. When we refer to fat freeze treatment or ultrasound lyposis, we find there is a clear reference to the idea of weight loss which is not the case with liposuction or any other conventional procedure.

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Even though they may be indirectly contributing to the benefit of weight loss, they are strictly referred as treatments meant for fat removal and reduction. In this context, there is a great deal of difference between mere fat removal and weight loss. Unless the patient experiences credible results of weight loss from time to time it is not worth it because he or she is spending the money not for some technically satisfactory results. The purpose behind any patient for investing in any cosmetic treatment or therapy is to find visibly clear results that are physically experienced too. When this is the core expectation, it only makes sense for the treatment description to include weight loss because it makes it look more authentic and reliable. This scenario is also applicable for the Indian context; people who are interested in considering any of the cosmetic options would not want to look beyond what they want to seek as an outcome.

Advantages and limitations

Non surgical procedures have scored well in this regard as they have been consistent in their approach towards weight loss, irrespective of the procedure they follow. The major advantage is psychological in nature, the absence of surgical intervention is the major relief any patient would experience. From the viewpoint of a patient, it can be understood that the idea of surgery is de-motivating in some way or the other. Cost is another factor to consider, several non surgical procedures are offered at an affordable cost by many cosmetic clinics in India.

Contrary to the popular thinking, it is not wise to consider the non surgical procedures are completely safe and trouble free. They have their own share of limitations and side effects to consider. For this very reason, patients are given the information brochures with comparative analysis in many clinics.

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