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In a country like India where obesity is increasing day by day, children face huge risk of getting affected by this lifestyle disorder. The problem has already become an epidemic in American regions and is affecting many people in Asian countries. Although laparoscopic obesity surgery, medicinal treatments and other weight loss programs have been introduced to help teenagers in getting rid of excess weight, there are several other things that hold more importance but get lesser attention of people.

With that said, the first thing that you need to consider is the food habits. What parents feed them in the childhood is very important, as it sets a taste in their mouth. It is very difficult for the children to make the right food choices. As they do not have any idea as to what is good for health, they choose foods that are delicious and smell great. This involves cheesy items such as pizza and items that taste good such as ice-cream and chocolate.

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It is the duty of the parents to feed right food to their kids. Although they may not agree to eat foods that don't have the greatest smell, you should look for the recipes that provide essential nutrients to their body. As per obesity surgery doctors and nutritionists, the best way to feed them nutrition-rich food is by adding nutrition to their favorite foods.

For instance, if you kid likes eggs, you can complement it with whole grain toast in the morning. Similarly, you can use a stuffing of sweet potato and beans in chicken for dinner. This will ensure healthy food consumption without compromising their food choices. Gradually, as they will get habituated to these recipes, they will start liking nutritional foods.

Feeding the right foods only is not a complete approach. If he goes out, it is probable that he may eat foods like burgers and pizzas with friends. Hence, you should guide them with food choices and ask them to avoid junk foods. This will allow them to choose the right foods when you are not around him.

Food habits is essential to be considered; irrespective of the program followed by an obese teen. Even if your kid undergoes a laparoscopic obesity surgery to lose weight, right food habits can do wonders for his health.

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