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But we must also take into account the serious health related problems that being underweight can cause. In any case, whether we are overweight or underweight, we shouldn't delay Health consulting experts. There are many experts available online with their counsel, and we should use this service to our benefit.

The most common indicator of being overweight or underweight is to see the BMI of an individual. A BMI under 18.5 is considered underweight and a BMI of 24.9 is overweight. A person with a normal weight has a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9. We should get our BMIs checked to see how overweight or underweight we are, in case we face health problems, and seek help from dieticians and other consultants with expertise in weight related issues.

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Being underweight or overweight not only reflects on our physical appearance, but also damages our internal health gradually. Overweight people are far more prone to diseases which are also leading causes of death than those who have a normal weight, some of the diseases being heart attack, diabetes, stroke as well as some lesser known ailments such as gout and gallstones. Leading studies have also established a link between being overweight and getting cancer. Higher the BMI over 24.9, more are the chances of encountering diseases, cancer being one of them.


Underweight people on the other hand, face different kind of health problems. Underweight people lack certain amount of nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of our body. They may be consuming less amount of irons which can cause anaemia, less than required amount of vitamins and minerals which can cause lethargy and a weakened immune system. Due to this weakened immune system, underweight people are also at a greater risk of catching air borne/water borne diseases such as flu and common cold. An insufficient consumption of calcium lead to weakened bones and may cause osteoporosis. Insufficient nutrition in an underweight body can also lead to hair loss, and in the case of women, fertility issues.

Depression and diet have often been linked directly to each other. When a person is depressed, he may feel too uninspired and dejected to exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet. Such people may indulge in overeating habits, or they may experience a loss of appetite and not consume enough food. For instance, sudden change of location of a person causing a feeling of bereavement, or a break-up may affect the mood of a person and his eating habits.

Our weight also affects our self-esteem and confidence levels. Being underweight or underweight shows on our outward appearance, and if we are dissatisfied by our reflection in the mirror, it brings down our confidence levels. Thus, taking the right measures at the right time can help us control our weight and keep illnesses at bay.

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