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The journey of medical science has never been smooth. No matter how many lives it saves, the number of critics has never rested. One of the most amazing medical solution one can imagine is bariatric surgery or weight reduction surgery.

This medical approach has enabled people to regain the shape that was impossible otherwise. It could not even counted as a possible thing, let's say eight to nine decades ago, but today, it is happening and relieving innumerable people.

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But according to studies, most of the people who opt for weight reduction surgery in India, prefer not to disclose their bariatric status publicly. One of the most prominent reasons for the same is the fear of being judged.

In several countries, Including India, people suffer a double burden. On one hand, it is kind of out of place and embarrassing to be fat. On the other hand, people give a judgmental look for those who takes some unconventional method to lose weight.

In India, the number of people classified as overweight and obese has increased constantly since 1990s. Simultaneously, population undergoing obesity surgery has also increased significantly. This is mainly due to the fact that, not everyone can achieve desired results through other means such as dieting or working out.

You can find numerous patients who are getting benefits by this miraculous transformation in the weight loss clinics in India. Ironically, if you go through the testimonials, you will barely come across four to five patients who were brave enough to comment on it. While the Rest of the patients just prefer to remain anonymous and get back home with new life.

Several people are in fact aware of these procedures, but are too afraid to undergo it personally, mostly due to the fear of unknown and myths surrounding this medical procedure. It is important that people come forth, regarding the truth of weight reduction surgery.

This will not only help them to embrace the fact themselves, but it will also enlighten other people who spend a lifetime wondering whether undergoing it would be a good decision or bad. In this regards, few of the eminent doctors had taken a bold step by organizing functions exclusively with the patients with bariatric surgery status.

This not only helps the society to think beyond 'what it had been since the stone age' and help them to redirect towards 'what can be done today'. After all, there is no better way to help apart from helping each other.

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