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Obesity and overweight are caused by a several environmental and social factors including physical activity and food habit of people. Adapting balanced diet and regular physial activities are the best shot in order to control this epidemic. Following dietary habits and sedentary lifestyle adoption also enhances occurance of a couple of diseases that are directly not related to obesity such as metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and insulin resistance.

Some best practice models have been adapted by a few developed countries in the world. Childhood obesity is not even permitted in these nations. Meanwhile, in order to practice the most efficient methods of treatment, prevention, and intervention of obesity, there is further research that needs to be finished. At this article, you will find a couple of potential interventions and best practices in order to reduce the childhood obesity in India.

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In a few developed countries, childhood obesity comes with epidemic proportion. The estimation is that more than 22 million kids under 5 years old are obese and one in every 10 kids are overweight. According to some studies, the childhood obesity prevalence efforts fluctuate from nation to nation. The average of overweight prevalence in Asia and Africa is below 10%, while in Europe and America it is above 20%.

Some limited evidence are available regarding the childhood obesity and overweight burden in India. According to a research that has been conducted on 25,000 school kids in South India showed that the overweight kid's proportion enhanced from 5.00% of the total school children in the year of 2003 to 7.00% in the year of 2005. It means that the trend of this epidemic is rapidly increasing. The trends of socio-economic strata in childhood obesity in this country are also increasing side by side. A research from Northern India showed that the prevalence of childhood obesity is 6.00% in the higher strata of socio-economic as compared to the 0.45% in the strata of lower socio-economic. Another research that has been studied in the year of 2011 showed that the obesity and overweight prevalence cutoff in 8 to 18 years old kids were-

  • 15% and 5.3% by World Health Organization (WHO),
  • 14.5% and 4.8% by Center for Disease Control (CDC) cutoffs, and
  • 14.4% ad 2.8% by International Obesity Task Force (IOTF).

Some mechanisms that have been developed for regulation of weight and the obesity development in kids are environmental factors, developmental influences, and genetics. Several studies and research is going on in this regard which will yield certain results depending on the population and their lifestyle.

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