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With more people becoming savvy and aware of nutritional needs, as well as concerned about the nutritional value of their food, many are turning to vitamins and supplements to complement their daily diet. With so many choices on the market, it can be very overwhelming in making a good choice. Furthermore, research is supporting the use of multivitamins for weight loss making it a very lucrative venue. According to Forbes Magazine in 2012, the multivitamin business has become a $32 billion industry and continuing with rapid growth! Big name brands which have gained trust in the industry, pump out a single tablet claiming to be all that you need. Are they really delivering what they say?


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Let's face it, when choosing a quality multivitamin for weight loss, research tells us what is needed for proper dosing for vitamins and supplements and will vary depending upon your age and simply cannot be contained in one pill. These vitamins may have some value but are significantly limited with providing a nutritional benefit. For instance, some companies may even be a bit deceiving by claiming to have a certain supplement such as calcium to help it sell but not provide a high enough dose to be beneficial. More importantly, if you have a specific medical condition, you should always check with your health care provider that you are not impacting other medications. For instance, if you are taking a blood thinner such as Coumadin, taking vitamin K or too many green leafy vegetables may impact the effectiveness of this drug.


There are a number of factors that play a role with making supplements available for our bodies to utilize. Two of these are how well a pill will disintegrate or break apart and the other is how well it dissolves. Along with other processes, these are necessary for the nutrients to be taken up in our GI tract. Think about how you spend good money for a vitamin and then find out it doesn't even dissolve in the proper time frame to be beneficial to your body. In addition to nutrients being available for our body to use, you need to be sure the supplements don't include competing nutrients. An example might be having a supplement that has iron with calcium, zinc or manganese. These minerals will interfere with iron absorption. Without doing your research first, you may not even realize some companies use a synthetic form of vitamins which is not in the ideal form for our bodies.

In Summary

Many people fail to achieve the recommended 5 fruits and vegetables a day. Even if you are able to do this, you may find it is still difficult to provide the amount of essential vitamins and minerals. When choosing a quality multivitamin for weight loss, understanding the current standards for proper doses and bioavailability are 2 important factors. Doing this research will provide you with valuable information to not only help your body get what is needed but not waste your money on something that is simply useless.

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