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How To Lose Fat In The Stomach

What is keeping you from goal setting for weight loss? It could be that you want to write the right goals so that you will be motivated enough to stick to them.

You know the feeling when you have good intentions of losing weight for good, but then life gets in the way and you fall short of your goals? It is disappointing to fall short of your accomplishments especially when you want to feel good and lose weight. The disappointment can be so debilitating that you may have a fear of trying for fear of failure.

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Losing weight is a worthy goal to want. It means you can have less health issues and maybe even a longer more energetic life. Goal setting for weight loss means you have a plan. People who are fit always have a plan and a direction that they want to go. They know exactly what they are going to eat in the coming week. They plan and know what workouts they are going to do. They are focused on the goal. This is why they are successful in staying trim and you can do it too.

I am a runner and I've run several races. Months before a race, I put a plan in place and set a finishing time goal. I start to get up very early and follow my training plan. On the day of race, even though I'm a little nervous, I feel good knowing that I followed the training and prepared the best I could. I've met my finish time goals by following a training plan and setting the goal for my target finish time.

Goal Setting For Weight Loss:

  • Positive Language. Use only positive language in your goal setting. If you use sentences that say, “I don't want to…”all your mind hears is “want to…”. Positive language will speak to your body in a positive light.
  • Action Words. Create an action associated with what you want to accomplish. For example; I am going to do 50 crunches a day to get a flat belly.
  • I Am Statements. Use I am statements like the one above. You can also use them in a future tense. For example: I am losing weight every week by not eating treats.
  • Everyday. Read your goals everyday and post them in spot that you can look at them throughout the day.

It is so important to take care of your body and take the time to do so. You are on the right track to make your plan of attack before hand. Once you have a plan in place, go for it, and don't look back!

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