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How To Lose Belly Fat

The UK, today, is facing a serious health crisis, due to its rising obesity rate. University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), in its study of data between the years 1980 and 2013, found the UK to have the third-highest obesity rate in Europe. The study also revealed that, in terms of Body Mass Index (BMI), 67% of men and 57% of women were considered overweight. The term overweight is any figure above 25 – moving on to the obese stage when it rises above 30.

In short, the study reveals a shocking state of affairs with regards to the UK's negligence towards obesity. There are countless overweight, obese people, throughout UK who pose not only a health hazard in terms of risk of sustaining cardiovascular diseases and other illnesses, but also in terms of a reduced output as a result of lower work productivity. Although the solution to this is a major national policy towards better healthcare and limits on junk food, one personal answer may be the use of fat burning pills.

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Weight loss pills such as Xenical, otherwise known as Orlistat, for instance, can be an effective means of helping you shed extra pounds and get in shape. Let's see why Orlistat can be useful to burn fat and help you stay healthy.

How does it work?

Orlistat is effective since it's an effective inhibitor of lipase. When you eat food, an enzyme known as lipase is released that causes you to absorb fat. In the case of Orlistat, however, it works by slowing down the rate at which fat can be absorbed by your body, to the point that only two thirds of it is consumed. The remaining fat is then excreted out during your body's bowel movements.

As a result, Orlistat helps you absorb a smaller portion of fat than normal; this helps you stay slimmer and avoid becoming overweight, or obese.

Orlistat is extremely effective and can be a great solution for those who have trouble exercising due to a knee injury or other medical conditions. This is another reason why doctors throughout the UK prescribe overweight, and obese patients, with Orlistat.

How to use Orlistat?

Orlistat, like other pills and tablets, should be taken according to the stated and required dose. Patients must bear in mind never to increase the dose thinking that they will lose weight faster. Instead, they should always stick to the stated dose – 1 x 120 mg pill – taken three times a day, preferably before or during a meal with a glass of water. More importantly, your meals should contain a small portion of fat so that your body retains sufficient fat levels.

Other recommendations

Other important information that users should know about is to always consult a medical physician prior to taking any pills. A trained medical physician is the best person to advise you on how suited your body is to taking pills.

In conclusion, fat burning pills such as Orlistat are very effective for weight loss. However, you should also make sure that you supplement it with other means, such as regular exercise and sufficient sleep.

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