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How To Lose Belly Fat In A Week

Who ever tried to find a way for weight loss from google search faced unpleasant disappointment because most of the tips are failed. Moreover, much of them are superlies, because nobody proves them on practice.

To protect you from repeated mistakes, Medigoo.com is collected the most common myths and lies about weight loss. We hope after reading this a weight management process will become much easier.

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1/ All calories are bad

You may see the main rule of many weight loss diets – control and reduce your calories. But what is actually not correct that you should reduce all calories, not all of them are bad. They have the same energy content, but goes through different metabolic processes and makes different effects on hunger and hormones that regulate weight. According to this protein calories are stimulating metabolism, reduce appetite and improve the functionality of hormones that regulate weight. When fats and carbs are affecting in a bad way, and should be excluded.

2/ Eat low-fat and fat-free products

Fat has a specific flavor and if it's removed, producers add sugars, thickeners and chemicals instead to their food. Consuming of such additives is more dangerous and fattening than full-fat products. In addition, low-fat and fat-free foods don't contain less calories. The best decision is eating full-fat products but moderating your consuming.

3/ Do not eat after 8 p.m.!

Did you hear this concern? It is pretty common. Logically, it doesn't matter when you eat your food, it matters what food you eat. The thing is that you are more active during a day and can burn more calories, but if you do fitness or joggling in after dinner, its possible to eat after 8 p.m.

4/ Buy supplements and you miraculously become fit

There are millions of choices between supplements nowadays but they showed not effective results when were studied. The only one reason why some of them may work – placebo effect. When people buy the supplements and believe the advertisement, they start to be more responsible about food they eat and healthy lifestyle in general.

In reality the newest weight loss supplements help to lose only few pounds during few months.

5/ Water is weight loser

A lot of popular diets recommend to drink more water and we start to believe that water burns our calories and fat will be vanished. No doubts, that water is important for an organism, but when you consume some high-calories beverages too, it won't have such good effects. Replace sugar and high calories drinks by water. That will bring results, and it doesn't matter how much water you drink.

6/ Obesity is about willpower

Most of us think that obesity is all about own choice and willpower. So if you are fat that is your choice to eat a lot and you can't stand not eating this chocolate cake in your fridge. Actually, it's not correct because obesity is a complex disease that caused by many factors like genetic disorders or medical conditions (depression, hypothyroidism, hypogonadism, insulinoma). Sometimes, it depends on special hormones and biological pathways that regulate body weight. For instance, the leptin hormone resistance often lead to overweight.

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