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When you eat slowly, you have better digestion.

You lose or maintain weight more easily. however you also feel additional

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satisfied with every meal.

Conversely, if you rush your meals, your digestion suffers. Meals are disagreeable. And it might seem like every meal is over too soon, which often causes you to want to eat more. or you “overshoot the runway”, finishing the meal before your natural satiation signals kick in, and ending up suddenly – uncomfortably – overstuffed.

It's simple: slow down your intake and enjoy improved health and well-being.

The value of slow food

We're a rush, distracted, and too-busy society. most of the people in the world eat quick. very quick. we have a tendency to rarely take the time to savor our food… or generally even to chew it properly.

We rush our food despite who we are.

For years, I wanted to gain weight. eating quickly helped me do this. Shoveling down the food meant that I could sneak in a very lot of additional calories before my stomach realized what was happening.

But now I'm older and easily trying to maintain my weight. I even have to learn to eat additional slowly again. It's not always simple. however my parents and my waistline both appreciate it once I do.

And as I counsel my clients, learning to eat additional slowly is one of the simplest however most powerful stuff you will do to boost your overall health.

Why eat slowly?

Sensing satisfaction

One of the foremost important benefits of eating slowly is that it provides your body time to recognize that you are full.

It takes about twenty minutes from the beginning of a meal for the brain to send signals of fullness. Most people's meals don't even last that long!

Imagine the additional calories you could ingest just because you didn't enable your body time to register that it no longer needed food. now imagine the impact of these additional calories on your weight.

Eating slowly conjointly helps people feel additional satisfied – that is totally different than simply being “full”.

When you slow down, savor a meal, concentrate to tastes and textures, and appreciate every mindful bite, you leave the table feeling good in your soul… although all you ate was a baloney sandwich.

Improved digestion

Eating slowly additionally helps our digestion.

Think of digestion as a series reaction. As presently as we see, smell, or consider food (step 1), we have a tendency to begin salivating to prepare for putt that food in our mouth (step 2). secretion contains enzymes that break the food down, and moistens the mouth for easier swallowing.

Meanwhile, digestive steps three, 4, 5 etc. need to prepare to go to work. Our stomachs begin to secrete additional acid. Our intestine starts to urge ready for a few body process. then forth.

If we have a tendency to rush this process, we tend to force our alimentary canal to influence stuff before it's totally ready. Surprises are nice on birthdays, not therefore nice during digestion.

At the University of Rhode Island, researchers examined however feeding speed affected the first stages of organic process process by observing sixty young adults eat a meal.

Slow eaters consumed a pair of ounces of food per minute.

Medium-speed eaters consumed two.5 ounces of food per minute.

Fast eaters consumed three.1 ounces per minute. They conjointly took larger bites and chewed less before swallowing.

This means that not only are quick eaters putt a lot of food down during a given quantity of time, that food isn't as well-processed. Food is basically landing in quick eaters' stomachs in massive ol' lumps.

Digestion starts within the mouth, therefore massive bites that are inadequately chewed are going to be harder for your stomach to show into food – the liquid mix of partly digestible food, acid, biological process enzymes, and water that passes through the sphincter muscle on its way to elimination.

Food that isn't properly weakened into food will cause upset stomach and different potential GI issues. And who desires that.

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