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Don't you think the increasing obesity rate in India is a matter of great concern? And just not India, according to some studies, one third of the world's population has found to be overweight, and our prescheduled, long, hectic schedules are too not helping us much. People are not much physically active these days, and it can be considered as the main cause of this problem. Most people think obesity is just putting on some extra weight and it is limited to that only, but that is the biggest misconception here, obesity can be the basic reason for many diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. It also can affect the heart of that person and believe me, these problems are not at all normal.

I know it may sound a bit frightening, but obesity can seriously be a deadly thing for your health, so I would recommend you to take the initiative for your relatives and yourself by adopting the habit of cycling. Yes, the same cycling you were crazy about when you were a kid. Cycling is a great mean of transportation and even today, people rely on it for reaching from one place to another. Delhi has always been a step ahead to initiate the things which can benefit the citizens, one way or another, and the citizens of Delhi also possess the same amount of enthusiasm needed to participate into the activities their community organizes. But it's solely not the duty of your community, sometimes you have to lift the weight up yourself in order to help others.

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The benefits cycling can provide us are no mystery, but still, there is no harm in spreading awareness, try to aware everyone around you and encourage them to start cycling on daily basis. Try to start some health clubs, organize health event in your society, approach and try to convince people to take part in cycling marathons etc.

Just not that, cycling is fun today, you can shop designer bicycles by the leading brands like Avon bicycles and Hercules bicycles, that are cool, funky and comfortable too. These companies have always been in the limelight for their more than perfect cycles with trendy designs. We work day and night for success but our well-being makes us capable enough to achieve that, it's simple to understand but still we ignore our health. A healthy body is the base of a bright future, and if you don't do anything for your health today, tomorrow can bring you regrets.

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