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How Lose Stomach Fat

Fat cannot and must not be removed entirely from the diet chart. A healthy and balanced diet must include both saturated and unsaturated fat, since both these play different roles in the body. Any fat primarily is called fatty acids.

The ones that contain palmitic acid and stearic acid are classified as saturated fat. It stays solidified at room temperature. The unsaturated fat, on the other hand contains omega fatty acid and are liquid at room temperature and thus, several times used as oils. Let's first understand what the difference between these two types of fat, according to various aspects.

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Medical Effects

Most of the dieticians recommend to consume these fats daily to maintain body function. The proportion of unsaturated fat should be more than that of saturated ones. This is because it promotes the good cholesterol and thereby aids in preventing several heart ailments. It also moves bad cholesterol to the liver from where it directly process for metabolism.

In contrast, high consumption of saturated fat promotes bad cholesterol and has been linked to cause clogged arteries and several cardiovascular diseases.


The saturated fats, mostly comes from animal based products, such as meat, eggs, milk, butter, etc. Coconut oil and palm oil are exceptions, which comes from plants. The unsaturated fats, on the other hand, comes primarily from vegetables such as olive oil; from nuts and avocados. The exception is fish.

Daily consumption

According to dieticians, one should not consume more than 30 percent of daily calories from any fat, of which saturated fat must not exceed more than 10 percent. Thus, in a daily consumption of 2000 calories, one should include roughly 60 to 65 grams of fat, out of which the saturated fat must not exceed more than 20 grams.

Several people prefer vegetarian diet over non-vegetarian believing it to be more beneficial for health. While others prefer to opt for low carb and low saturated fat diets.

Dishes such as pasta using olive oil contains both saturated and unsaturated fat. Since the olive oil is a rich source of unsaturated fat, but, the pasta itself contains traces of both of it and thus, it can be considered as a source of both kinds of fat in a single serving. But, having it on a regular basis will do more harm than good. Thus, various other options should be considered as well.

Often people lose the count of fats they are consuming and end up eating a lot more than they should. Thus, giving birth to the problem of obesity. Thankfully, one can get several dieticians and doctors to guide towards a healthy life.

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