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How Do You Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Is it possible to lose weight no exercise at all? Yes, I've done it!

There are a myriad of reasons why you may not be able to exercise. You may have physical limitations or an injury that needs to heal. You may not have the money, time or equipment required for exercising. Even though exercise has many health benefits, it is not always feasible. In fact, sometimes exercise can be a hindrance for trying to lose weight.

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For example, when I was training for a marathon, I was running and exercising everyday. I was also very hungry with all of the calories I was burning by running and training. Don't get me wrong, I was in good shape and a decent size. But, I also ate a lot of food. Some healthy, some not so healthy. Then halfway into my training I strained my ankle and had to stay off of it for 6-8 weeks. That news was a huge disappointment! I had to stop training and missed my race. The good news is I lost weight. I lost 10 pounds by focusing on eating right instead of my race training plan. I knew I had to be careful since I wasn't going to burn more calories.

Let's take a closer look at how I was able to lose weight, no exercise.

How To Lose Weight No Exercise

  • Focus-Try to stay completely focused on eating for every meal, everyday. One of the best ways I found to keep my focus was to plan my meals. Once a week, plan your meals and snacks. So essentially, you will have 3 meals and 3 snacks. When your meals are planned, it makes it easier to shop for groceries because you know exactly what to buy and you don't buy what you don't need. Another way to focus on eating right is to read about losing weight, follow social media on weight loss, and basically turn your thoughts to losing weight on a daily or hourly basis. This will help you to stay motivated and not get bored.
  • Water-You know it's true, water is do good for losing weight. I drank so much of it that I made a trail in the floor to the bathroom! Keep a water bottle handy. You can flavor your water with a few squirts of fresh lemon or lime.
  • Probiotic-To flatten my tummy even more, I took a daily probiotic vitamin that has acidophilus in it. They are active and live bacteria that help your gut flora and digestion. You can say goodbye to bloating when you are taking a probiotic vitamin daily. Make sure it is a reputable brand.

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