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Indian weight loss blog is a weight loss blog. It also runs a weight loss program called IWB weight loss program. The program so far has been able to make radical changes in the lives of several people. The clients have really been happy with their transformation. The blog has been able to carve a niche for itself by helping people get slimmer. Have a look for yourself!

Top 3 Indian weight loss success stories (IWB weight loss program)

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1) Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Story of Sheryl :

Sheryl is a new mom who rediscovered herself with the help of IWB weight loss program. In a period of 45 days Sheryl lost around 9 kgs! It was a tough task as what she wanted to lose was her post pregnancy weight.

Sheryl's weight was 60 Kgs when she was 25 years old and it got increased to 74 kgs when she was carrying. After delivery she weighed around 86 kilos. She says that she is quite glad that she joined the IWB weight loss program as the program is quite different from what others have to offer. It was totally tailor made for her as she could not stay away from yummy food at all. The program was designed in such a way that she could eat tasty stuff and still manage to lose weight. What she found the best with the program were the prompt replies from the IWB team. She recommends the program to people who want to lose weight and keep it off for good.

2) Pritha's Weight Loss Story :

Pritha was overweight and tried all sorts of stuff to lose weight but nothing seemed to work for her. She then stumbled upon IWB weight loss program. When she joined the program she weighed 88 kgs and by the end of the first month of the program she lost 9 kilos. The program includes both diet and exercise but it doesn't make you slog. Pritha did not work out a lot. In fact she just did a 15 to 20 min workout everyday and a 45 to 50 min workout during weekends. It was her diet that was controlled in the program. Nearly 70-80 percent of an individual's weight loss depends on diet control.

Now Pritha weighs 65 kgs and is on the road to lose more. She also had PCOS and with the customized diet and workout schedule for her, the condition has improved a lot.

3) A Client Who Lost 10 Kgs In Just A Month's Time :

One client of the program who wants to keep her identity a secret, lost 10 kgs in a month's time. She got really worried when she touched 80 Kgs and even went into depression. She happened to come across IWb weight loss program and with the help of the team at IWB she managed to lose 10 kgs flat. Her target is soon touch 50 kilos. What she found amazing about the site is that the team never lets a person get demotivated.

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