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How Can You Lose Belly Fat

It is very important to undertstand what actually hinder us from losing weight fast enough. Many times we want to lose weight, however our body will try every means to fight against us to resist it. That's why it is very important to identify the top 3 reasons why you are not losing weight fast.

The first reason is you are still eating or drinking sugars. It can be in many form such as white rice, wheat, flour, bread. All these food will eventually be converted to become glucose and stored as fat in your belly. On the other hand, it can drinks that are high in sugar level as well. Soft drinks or vitamin water that are available in the market are normally high in sugar level. Furthermore, you will need to be careful with fruit juice as well as many of them are high in sugar level as well (frutose).

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The second reason will be not enough of protein intake. Protein the the building block of our muscle. When there is a short supply of protein, human body muscle cannot grow properly. When muscle cannot be developed, it is very hard to lose weigt fast because muscle is a big mechanism in helping to burn fat and lose weight fast. In addition, eating protein of about 30% calories will help to improve human body metabolism rate by about 100 calories. This way, it helps to prevent excessive intake of unwanted calories from unhealthy food. It helps to reduce cravings as well.

The third reason will be the lack of doing fast cardio. Fast cardio such as high intensity interval training (HIIT) can boost your fat burning hormone a lot. Not only will it trigger the fat burning hormone, it helps to build and tone lean muscle as well. When there is muscle developments, metabolism rate is higher. This means it is more possible to lose weight fast in a shorter time frame. This is especially useful for busy people because they will need a faster way of losing weight, yet they cannot commit a lot of time in the gym. That's why HIIT can help them a lot because it triggers fat burning hormone.

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