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Foods You Should Avoid For weight Loss- Discover The Foods You Should Avoid For Weight Loss

Let's face it, there is definitely way more junk food in our food markets than healthy food, but that doesn't mean you have to give into it. You just have to try your best to avoid these certain foods. Now I know what you're asking yourself; you're probably worrying that you'll never be able to eat junk food again and your whole life will have to change. Well I have some good news for you, you don't have to change your life, and you can still eat junk food, just in moderation of course. Everything should come down to moderation but here are 3 foods to avoid to achieve weight loss, if you want some serious results, without any annoying setbacks.

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Any meal or snack that only contains carbohydrates, such as bread, dry cereal, rice cakes and noodles or pasta. These are certainly common foods to eat, and can be tempting to turn down, but remember those types of foods have a negative effect only when eaten alone. When these snacks are eaten alone, our bodies convert the carbs into simple sugars and then sends these sugars directly into your blood stream. The reaction you get from this is called a sugar rush, which then causes your pancreas to produce extra insulin. This insulin helps your body absorb the sugar as soon as possible. This all sounds ok but the problem with this is you end up with low blood sugar and the same hunger pains you had from the start will come back very quickly causing you to eat more carbs to satisfy your hunger that was created by the carbs you previously ate. As you can see this is a viscous cycle that will lead to serious weight gain. Once again this does not mean you have to eliminate these foods but try mixing them with protein and more substantial foods with good fats in them, such as crackers with cheese and avocado. Using this method will slow your digestion down and conquer these hunger pains to achieve weight loss.

High fiber snack bars have been advertised as a very healthy snack to eat and should be eaten every day to maintain a healthy diet. Well here is where their wrong. For fiber to do its remarkable job of surprising hunger, improving digestive health, and preventing stomach pain, you need to maintain consistent amounts throughout your day. These fiber bars offer almost 25 grams of fiber per serving which is almost your daily serving. Instead of relying on one serving of your daily amount of fiber, try eating a smaller serving with every meal. This way fiber can do its job and help you achieve weight loss.

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