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High Fat Burning Foods

The first thing that one should do when trying to lose weight is to alter their food intake. Modifying the food that one eats will help ensure that the right nutrition goes into one's body and thus helps the body lose weight. Many diets focus on limiting protein and carbohydrate intake; however, choosing the right food type under each food group can surprisingly help aid weight loss. Below are just some high protein foods that will help play an important part in one's diet. These food types are not only high in protein (which is essential in building muscles) but also low on carbohydrates.

Chicken Breast

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Why is the chicken breast an excellent choice? Chicken breast is considered as white meat for the area is low in fat and therefore an excellent choice for people who want to lose weight. A serving size is about 3 ounces which gives 30 grams of protein at the same time low on calories at about 110 cal. per serving. It's an excellent addition to any meal plan especially for those who are counting their calorie intake.


Another alternative to pork or beef is turkey. Turkey is low in calories but also high in protein. This is an excellent substitute for chicken breast. A 3 ounce serving of turkey is equivalent to 21 grams of protein and 195 calories.

Lean Beef and Pork

For those who want other alternatives to chicken or turkey, they may also incorporate in their diet other meat varieties such as beef or pork. Opt for the lean part as it contains less fats but still gives one the needed protein. Grilling, broiling and other healthy cooking methods is recommended instead of deep frying as these limits the fat content of the meat. Trimming all visible fats can also help reduce the fat.

Fishes – Salmon/Tilapia/Tuna

Substituting fish for meat is also an excellent way to follow any high protein low fat diet as plenty of fish varieties are packed with protein. Salmon, tilapia and tuna are just some varietiese of fish that are packed with protein. They are also a good source of omega 3 fatty acids which is good for the heart. Broiling, baking and grilling are some great ways to cook these fishes. Remember to pick fresh fishes instead of canned ones as some of these canned fish have high salt content which can cause water retention.

These are just some of the superfoods that are rich in protein but contain low fat content which can help one lose weight. As always, before trying out any diet, it is recommended to seek a professional medical provider to help one plan and achieve their weight loss goal.

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