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The statistics are over the top! Almost 79 million Americans are considered obese! According to research, about 20% of those who are overweight are able to achieve long-term results when they were able to intentionally lose a minimum of 10% of their weight and maintain that for at least a year. Studies further indicated that with weight maintenance for at least 2 to 5 years, there is a greater chance of success over time. Weight loss programs have become a dime a dozen making it further difficult to make the right choice. So does a nutritional program exist where you can not only lose weight but can maintain the lost weight for years to come?

What Do You Consider To Be Eating Healthy?

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Eating more fruits, vegetables, low fat foods and protein in your diet which may include legumes, chicken, fish and lean meats right? We all know that more calories in than what you use every day will start to add up in pounds on the waistline. This may sound simple, but for some, the thought of giving up some favorite foods is catastrophic right from the get go. Not to mention all the temptations we face every day! There always seems to be some reason to celebrate something. Just look at the calendar; every year I notice another 5 to 10 holidays like Cousin's Day or Sibling's Day or Boss' Day. Where did all this come from? Who decided this? You know where all this leads right? Hey Denise, I want to take you out for dinner tonight since its Sister's Day, let's celebrate! It seems like just when you think you're ready to start, there is some other fun thing right in the way.

Already Eating Healthy?

Ok, so maybe you're already eating some healthy foods and still not moving the scale as quickly as you'd like? Or maybe you've hit a plateau and you're not sure what to do next? You might have even done some research and discovered that even the healthy foods are not as healthy as you thought. You learned about the GMO's (genetically modified organisms) and how they have significantly reduced the amount of nutritional value. Let's not forget about the pesticides, herbicides, hormones and all the other vast array of toxins that have been introduced into our food chain, water and air for the sake of mass production. Organic is a good option but pretty costly as well. You could get away with maybe some products this way but even “organic” needs some proper definition and monitoring for quality.

Think about this for a moment. You've worked hard to eat right only to find out that the” healthy” you've been eating is tainted with toxins and not as nutritious. You may be thinking, you're either going to spend a ton of money on “organic” or things are as good as they get.

Proven Winner

Well, all hope is not lost! There are some real, simple, cost effective, convenient and clean food options out there that not only help you to lose weight but can help to break through plateaus, curb cravings, detoxify and re-energize your body like you've never experienced. You don't have to just take my word for it either. A study put out by The University of Illinois at Chicago published research about a nutritional program for weight loss using whey protein meal replacement shakes and a cleansing system compared to those eating healthy foods and what they found might just amaze you. After just 10 weeks, they found that compared to those using the healthy diet, those using the whey protein meal replacement shakes and cleansing system had 56% greater weight loss, an average body fat loss of 47% more and 2 times the amount of visceral fat loss. Not only that, but they found those using the whey shakes and cleansing routine stuck with the program better than the other subjects AND found the system more convenient and simple to use.

More Encouraging News!

The benefits of this type of nutritional program go far beyond losing weight! With all these stellar results, it might surprise you to know that most whey protein meal replacement shakes will cost under $3 per shake making it a very affordable option for high quality nutrition. Of course, not all whey protein meal replacement shakes are made equal, so it's best to look for a third party lab that is testing for quality, purity and potency. As for cleansing, a system that replenishes your body with nutrients as you release the impurities is top choice. With proper cleansing you can remove toxins, lose weight, gain energy and reset those cravings!

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