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Being overweight or obese seems like a curse in today's world. Weight reduction surgery in Kolkata is gaining popularity due to the extensive benefits that it offers to its patients.

Bariatric surgery or weight reduction surgery in Kolkata is a group of surgeries that are performed by making alteration in the digestive system. It aims for either of the following objectives-

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  1. Restrictive surgeries– the size of the stomach is reduced to as little as one ounce, which slows down digestion and ensures less intake of food.
  2. Mal-absorption– the size of the small intestine is reduced, re-arranged or by-passed, which ensures less absorption of nutrients.
  3. Implanting electronic device- it interrupts the nerve signals sending hunger sensation from stomach to brain.

There are mainly four types of bariatric surgeries that involves restriction and mal-absorption-

1. Gastric band

A silicone band is wrapped around the upper middle portion of the stomach. This creates a smaller upper section of stomach. While eating, only this smaller pouch accumulates food. The size of the smaller pouch can be adjusted by adding or removing salt water to the band. A small port is placed above the abdominal muscle just beneath the skin to perform this action. The tighter the grip on stomach, the less hungry one feels.

Due to reduced stomach size, the patient feel full sooner and thus eats less.

2. Gastric sleeves

This method is also known as vertical Sleeve Gastronomy. The size of the stomach is reduced up to 25% of its original size and stapled. The rest of the stomach is removed from the body. The lesser space for food ensure less intake of food. Also smaller stomach releases lesser amount of 'ghrelin', the hunger causing hormone.

3. Gastric Bypass

This method is also known as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. It is done by cutting and then stapling the top portion of the stomach to make a small pouch at the end of esophagus. It is then attached to the re-routed small intestine. The remaining of the stomach is not removed as it still produces digestive juice, which meets the food in the intestine.

4. Duodenal switch

It is medically known as Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch. It is done by reducing the size of the stomach up to 15- 25% of its original size. The small banana shaped small stomach is connected to the re-routed small intestine. It is the most effective weight reduction surgery in Kolkata, as it thrives to achieve both reduction of food intake along with lesser absorption of nutrients.

There are many centers in Kolkata where you can opt for weight reduction surgery in Kolkata. It is recommended to consult an experienced bariatric surgeon to overcome obesity in Kolkata.

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