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Obesity can be a big problem. Gaining excess weight can be threatening for most of people since this condition can lead to several other diseases, such as: heart diseases, diabetes, and many more. Hence, most of people who are obese tries to reduce their fat. When it comes to the weight loss, there are several methods which can be followed. They can opt for the diet programs, doing exercises, and fat loss programs. However, those conventional methods sometimes do not yield desirable results. Mostly because these methods need dedication and time.

Because of this reason, some of people choose the surgery approach in order to reduce their weight. They choose Bariatric surgery, which is the most effective and popular treatment to yield significant weight loss in the body. In Kolkata, India, Bariatric Surgery is being chosen by several people due to its effectiveness. However, Bariatric Surgery in Kolkata hasn't been popular amidst the people in Kolkata effectively. Mainly because most of them have no or limited information about this procedure. Thus, in this article, we would discuss about the various procedures carried out by the Bariatric Surgery in Kolkata.

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When it comes to the Bariatric Surgery in Kolkata, there are several procedures which can be chosen, out of which the two most successful are- restrictive surgery and malabsorptive surgery. However, before taking obesity surgery, you should consider the risks and the others which may appear during or after the operation.

The most frequently carried out Bariatric Surgery in Kolkata has been restrictive operation. This type of operation is preferred by most of the patients. During this operation, the surgeon will make a small pouch out of the stomach, discarding the rest. The main objective of this surgery is to reduce the amount of food you intake, which in turn, would help them to lose weight. Besides, it will produce fewer hunger causing hormones. So overall you would feel full sooner than usual.

Another effective weight loss surgery which is preferred by most taken by the patients is malabsorptive surgery. This process of surgery is quite different from the previous one. In this weight loss process, the size of the stomach is not only reduced, but also the small intestine is rerouted to the remaining portion of the stomach. This procedure results in lesser absorption of nutrients back into the body. This method yields a significant weight loss in a long run and considered as an ideal solution for weight loss.

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