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The Problem

With so many weight loss programs today, it can be pretty confusing to find one that will jumpstart your metabolism for burning belly fat for weight loss. Everywhere you look there are commercials promoting the latest fads or stores supplying low fat or low carb products. For those who have had life-long battles with weight, surgery may even be considered. In our high tech world of devices there are, of course, multiple apps or gadgets to also help you on your quest. But there's probably one method that you haven't considered….

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What To Choose???

Many weight loss programs will focus on counting calories or minimizing carbs or fats in your diet. Others may assign points to food items to help make it easier to track. Some of the devices can be useful for tracking information which can help you with identifying proper portions, the quality of the food you eat as well as help with getting into some good habits. Still others may actually have pre-packaged food you buy that is already portioned for you. With questions about the nutritional value aside, this may add some convenience and simplify matters but what are you really putting into your body?

The Answer!!

Well, there is a way to provide convenience, nutritional value AND jumpstart your metabolism for weight loss. One component to jumpstart your metabolism is a proper cleansing program, also known as intermittent fasting with nutritional support. Cleansing has been proven to be not only effective with fat burning but a great way to detoxify the body. Research done in both humans and animals has shown cleansing to benefit healthy weight loss, reduced food cravings, insulin sensitivity, brain health and detoxification. One contributing factor is how cleansing stimulates the human growth hormone which is important for building muscle and burning fat. For instance, with cleansing for women, this hormone has been shown to increase by 1300% on average and for men the increase is 2000% on average.

What Is The BEST Way To Cleanse?

With so many toxins plaguing our environment; our food and water sources are of no exception. Cleansing removes impurities and you replenish your body with vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements. What you want is a system that is geared towards creating a high metabolism. A great way to complement cleansing is using whey protein. Whey has proven time and again to be the ultimate source of protein for our bodies when it comes to building muscle, burning fat and to jumpstart your metabolism. By utilizing cleanse days and whey protein shake days, this combination has once again been shown by research to build muscle and effectively burn fat.

To Summarize…

Proper cleansing via intermittent fasting with nutritional support is a safe and proven regime to burn belly fat, jumpstart your metabolism for weight loss, shrink fat cells, release toxins, reset the cravings, stimulate muscle building and provide as a great asset to overall health and well-being.

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