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Do you know which the most important meal of the day is? Yip, you guessed it, its breakfast! Here is an interesting fact; those who eat breakfast on a regular basis tend to have more energy throughout the day and have better concentration. And because they have better concentration and energy they get more done during the day!

Breakfast doesn't only have give you greater ability to get things done, it also helps the regulate weight loss and cholesterol levels. This is because it helps start your metabolism for the day, after all that is why it's called 'breakfast' – it is breaking your fast for the night!

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Here are a couple of tips for creating healthy breakfast habits:

1. Create a new habit. Don't change too much about your breakfast; start by making small changes adding just 1 fruit in the mornings. As you get used to your fruit in the morning, start adding more food groups until your breakfast is entirely healthy! And if you are the type of person who doesn't like fruit, like me, you can always drink your fruit in the form of a smoothie.

2. Destroy your sweet tooth. As I am sure you know by now, most cereals are loaded with unhealthy sugars! So instead of cereal try eating alternative for breakfast like eggs for example. If you feel that you do need something sweet with breakfast then try adding sliced banana or berries to your morning routine!

3. Being prepared. If you say that you are too rushed in the mornings then try preparing the night before. Set out the bowls and utensils on the table the night before and make sure your blender is set and ready! You can even keep conveniently sliced fruit in the fridge so that you have one less thing to worry about!

4. Break the cereal habit. It isn't always necessary to have the usual cereal in the mornings. Mix it up by a little with things such as vegetarian pizza and salad which work just as well for breakfast!

5. Get take-outs…from your kitchen. Preparing a meal in the morning can be a real challenge when you are running behind schedule. So if you are rushed grab a fruit, like an apple or banana, and eat while you are on the go.

6. If you are not hungry in the morning. Some people are simply just not hungry in the morning! If are one of those people, have a slice of whole wheat toast or drink a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice. Then also pack a healthy breakfast that you can have it as a mid-morning meal.

7. Change slowly but surely. You don't have to change your morning routine all in one go. Start by having a healthy breakfast just once a week and then add on as time goes by. Your ultimate goal should be to have all 7 meals converted to a healthy alternative!

When you have fallen into the habit of unhealthy eating, it can sometimes be very difficult to change these habits. But take small steps in the beginning and don't beat yourself up, if you mess up! Eating breakfast is so vital to losing weight because starts your metabolism correctly and prevents you from overeating later on in the day!

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