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It is of utmost importance to know the food that we take. Not all food are created equally. Hence, it makes sense that not all food are created of the same calories. When it comes to weight loss, it is very important to know that 80% is on food that we eat, and the remaining 20% are on training and working out.

It has always been the rule of thumb in weight loss that the food that we eat will have direct impact to our weight loss goal. Thus, it is extremely to understand the food that we eat in order to lose weight effectively.

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1. Cruciferious Vegetable

There are a few reasons why cruciferious vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage are important in helping you to lose weight. They are fulfilling. Simply puts, cruciferious vegetables help to fill the stomach with healthy and low calories. Not only it fills the stomach, it helps to prevent food craving, which is the number 1 factor in gaining excessive weight. In addition, cruciferious vegetables contain a good amount of protein. The protein is natural, and they are essential to help to build lean muscle. Although the protein content in cruciferious vegetables is not as much as protein found in animal foods or legumens, they are high when compared to other vegetables. Lastly, they contain high fibre which is important to digest meat in order for the body to fully absorb the protein from animal foods.

2. Whole egg

It has been a long debate on the issue whether to take the whole egg, or just the egg white. Almost all of the nutirents can be found in the egg yolk. Hence, it makes sense to say that you are taking up very little of nutrient from egg if you are just taking the egg white. Eating whole egg can be fulfilling as well, and at the same time provides a lot of nutrients such as omega 3 to the body. It has been shown that eating whole egg will help to lose weight because it tends to make the stomach full with low calories. Not only that, whole egg is rich in protein and healthy fats. It is the ideal food to support a weight loss goal.

In short, it is very important to understand the food that we take in order to support our weight loss goal. Thebusyfitness.com has laid out a good eating system that helps people, especially busy man to lose weight fast.

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