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Eating a nutritionally balanced diet that is low in fat content is the surefire way to maintain an ideal weight. For people that are already overweight, switching to a low fat diet will not provide instant results. The results from a diet plan become visible in weeks or even months.

If you are looking for a fast way to lose weight, you may want to consider supplementing your diet plan with cheap Orlistat UK tablets. Here we have prepared a list of FAQs relating to the weight control pill, which helps reduce the body's fat intake.

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Q. 1. How Does Orlistat Help Reduce Body Fat?

Orlistat works at a physiological level by slowing down the absorption rate of fat from food items. The pill acts in the digestive system with minimal absorption in the bloodstream. This provides instant results.

Q.2. How long should I Take Orlistat for?

Physicians can prescribe Orlistat as long as your weight is reduced every three months. The medication can be taken until your BMI falls below 28 or it does not result in further reduction in body fat. weight loss supplements that work

Q.3. What is the Recommended Dosage of the Medication?

A single tablet can be taken a maximum of three times a day. A physician will be able to determine your ideal dosage of the medication after assessing your health condition. The pill should be taken before or during a meal. If your food does not contain any fat, the medication should not be taken as it is only effective with fatty substances.

Q. 4. How Many Orlistat Tablets Can I Buy?

Orlistat is available in packs of 252, 168, 84 and 42. These packs last for 12 weeks, 8 weeks, 4 weeks, and 2 weeks respectively.

Q.5. What Safety Precautions Should I Take When Taking Orlistat?

You should never take more than the recommended dosage of Orlistat. Moreover, a single tablet should be taken before meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You should also avoid eating food with too much fat content. Taking the medication when the food is rich in fat content greatly increases the risk of adverse side effects.

Q.6. Can Multivitamin Tablets be taken with Orlistat?

Yes. Taking multivitamins is recommended when taking Orlistat to control weight. The reason is that the weight loss mediation can also lower some fat soluble vitamins in the body such as Vitamin A, D, E, and K. The multivitamin should be taken at a different time to the weight control pill to ensure that the vitamins are effectively absorbed by the body.

On a final note, remember that you need to commit to a low fat diet to ensure total control over your weight. The diet can act as a catalyst to increase your weight loss. Regular intake of cheap Orlistat UK can result in up to 50% weight loss, resulting in a healthy body and increased confidence.

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