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Often dubbed as the most effective technique to lose weight, General Motors diet, or more affectionately known as GM diet, sure enjoys a great reputation among most weight loss fanatics. Though, effects of this diet on the body are often debatable, as they vary from person to person, most weight watchers have a general notion that they should give it a shot. While many people have reported losing a considerable amount of fat after undertaking this dietary practice, some have also experienced fatigue, low blood pressure and weakness.

So, how does one come to a conclusion that whether or not GM diet is the right way to lose weight? Even more so the question is whether GM diet is a safe and effective way of losing weight.

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The underlying thing here to remember is that GM diet is a rigorous dietary regime that involves strict protocols and restrictive eating habits. While many health experts are critic of this diet, some advocate it, as it results quick weight loss without much effort. One of the many reasons why dietitians discourage this diet is, despite of yielding favorable results, it also poses issues that may sometimes outweigh the benefits.

GM diet is definitely not for the long run; as it involves imposing several restrictions and limitations on the dietary intake. This could lead to deficiency of important nutrients in the body that may weaken the immune system. The consequences of GM diet when stretched for a longer duration may sometimes prove to be far reaching that could eventually cause damage to the body.

Also, GM diet is not for everyone. Pregnant women and children should keep away from this dietary regime as it could effectively weaken their body. People suffering from ailments should also refrain from practicing this diet, as it may have negative implications and further deteriorate the condition. Sudden hair loss, headache, and dry skin are a few other negative consequences that may be a direct result of practicing this diet.

This was originally brought into practice to stay healthy and maintain shape, but in time its negative consequences also started coming into the light. The bottom line here is that it is not for everyone, but if you are obsessed with reducing weight, you can give it a shot. However, consultation with a health expert is a must, prior to commencing with this plan. You can get into touch with any health club in Surrey to seek further guidance in this respect.

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