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Diet Plan For Weight Loss

What to watch out for:

Childhood obesity has become an epidemic for North America. Children are so vulnerable to all the unhealthy life threatening foods out there. Children can make some of their own food choices but in the end it's you the parents who need to feed them properly and show them proper eating and daily physical activities so you can prevent the obesity from happening or even worsening. If your child has weight issues chances are you may to or your eating habits and food choices are not what they should be. Yes it can be hard to eat healthy and getting your children to eat those healthy foods but you as the great parent you know you are, it's time to stop and change for the greater good of you and your children's health. It can all honestly start just by you encouraging your kids to eat healthy along with you leading an example and doing the same. It can be small changes that will lead to recipes that the kids will begin to appreciate.

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What to try:

Kids can be very stubborn when it comes to trying new foods that may not look or smell the greatest so getting them to eat healthy may be hard but not as hard as you think. You can slowly start to get the child to try more foods by making his favourite recipes or dishes healthier. Making eggs with whole grain toast for breakfast, get them eating organic peanut for butter for lunch instead of Kraft original peanut butter and a delicious chipotle chicken stuffed with sweet potato and beans for dinner or a kid friendly light king ranch chicken casserole which both are heart healthy and very high in protein and good fats (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated) along with a good source of fiber. These dishes all taste great and the children will love it. This will get them trying new healthy foods and begin to help them with their obesity. Remember it's also about portion control so with that kept in mind you and your children will be on the road to weight loss.

What you must do:

Three meals a day is good but children like snacks and it's not healthy snacks. Your first move should be to get rid of all the junk snacks and keep healthy fruits in the house laying around along with granola bars. But if you want an excellent snack that can feed all the kids and even you its sweet potato nachos which are great for movie night with the family. It is very low in fat and salt and is great with olives and avocado. Getting your children to eat snacks like this will really help with their obesity and its starts with you the parent to stop your child's obesity and get their life back to health.

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