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Fat Burn Workouts - 5 Fat Burning Exercises For The Stomach That Works

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Let's face it, any exercise out there can get a little boring at times, even if you really loved the type of exercise! I find that no matter how devoted a person is to their exercise routine, they can still find themselves in an exercise rut.

The real key to losing weight is to prepare for it for the long run, and you do that simply by having fun at whatever you are doing! After all if you don't enjoy what you are doing you have a greater chance to give up sooner and not lose any weight at all.

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Try something new.

I really love jogging but even I find that sometimes beating the road 5 out of 7 days a week gets a little tedious! The thing about losing weight is that is doesn't have to be the standard boring routine every single day. You can always try dancing or even activity based video games. By the way, if you are always strapped for time, this can be a great time to bond with loved ones as well as exercise more.

Mix up your exercise.

Nowhere is it written that in order to lose weight you have to stick to the same old boring exercise that everyone else is doing! Next you want to burn a little more fat, try indulging into one of your passions like golf or soccer and add all of them to your weekly routine. This way you can ensure that you are always looking forwards to your next workout session instead of dreading it.

Step up the intensity!

Have you ever heard of HIT training before? High intensity training or HIT is a great way to burn some fat if you don't have a whole lot of free time, like I suspect is the case with many people out there!

HIT involves alternating between periods of slow exercise like cardio and bursts of sudden energy like sprinting. In fact many experts out there believe that a HIT session will burn more fat and builds more muscle than normal cardio because of the shocked factor involved. And on the plus side, your joints and body take less of a beating due to the shorter periods of exercise!

It's great to lose some weight and get to your ideal body weight, but keeping it off is the most important part of the equation! At the end of the day, if you are going to remain at your ideal body weight, it is best to have a little fun in the process. Just remember to start small and build your way up!

Justin has been a part of the weight loss industry for a number of years, first as a consumer and now as a teacher. In his own words he says, “I used to be overweight until people started making rude comments and that is when decided that enough is enough, and lost the weight for good!” He has been at his goal weight for the last 10 years and has never looked back!

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