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We live in an age which is quite the opposite of anti stress, where we are heavily influenced by the impossible ideas of 'perfection' that the commercial world is always trying to impose on us. Be it your lifestyle, your food, your dressing sense, what you watch, what you read to of course, what you look like – the standards of 'perfection' are pre-decided for us, based on parameters that are far removed from reality and more attuned to commercial objectives.

So if your house is not in a desirable post code or if your car isn't the 'right' make, you are considered 'less' of a success story, even if you are trying to practice an anti stress attitude, and are actually comfortable with your choices, at some point you will get stressed.

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Similarly, if your body weight goes over a certain socially 'acceptable' range, you are seen as an outcast. Even if you want to live an anti stress life, you find that going shopping and trying on clothes that actually fit you well, is a trial in itself and you will no doubt come across many people who will dismiss you outright, based on how you look! Such un-called for stress and lead you to go down a spiral where you are feeling depressed and massively comfort eating.

All of this is of course outrageous and unfortunately at the same time so 'normal' that we don't see it as the evil that it is – forcing us to live our whole lives according to someone else's idea of what 'perfect' entails.

All of this also, understandably, puts a huge amount of pressure on us to 'succeed' and be 'accepted' by society. This in turn leads to stress that is completely unnecessary and perpetually present as the parameters of what success stands for is so skewed!

My advice for an anti stress lifestyle is to turn this approach on its head and really see it for what it is – commercial, profit-making organisations trying to sell us their products, convincing us that we need their wares in order to be seen as successful.

If you want a bigger house, want it because you see yourself enjoying it independent of what others think of it. If you want to lose weight, do it because you want to be healthier, more energetic and improve the quality of your life!

It's high time we started to be more aware of what we want and what we think instead of blindly following society's highly questionable tenets of success!

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